Title: Hell in the University (version 1.01)
Filename: levels/doom/g-i/hellu101.zip
Size: 561.41 KB
Date: 10/18/00
Author: Max The Killer Guy and Lorenzo The Punisher
E-mail: kelm@eisa.net.au
Description: This idea came out in the Winter 1994 but only the next Spring our work began. This work was made during our freetime between a Physics Book and TV programs, or during an awful raining day and a no sleeping night. This is because we took many months to complete it.
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Random crappy graphics. Stupid SFX. Entirely pointless.x
Great Job, I like the university background!x
Lovely Work! Remeber the tools available and you can understand the great job done!x
Crap. Primitive Nazi Wad mantled as anti-Nazi, with homophobic tendencies (look at the yellow-sprayed doors). Why did Sparky bother updating this? -- 0000000000/5x

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