Filename: levels/doom/g-i/hexxed.zip
Size: 8.8 KB
Date: 06/04/94
Author: Chris Carollo
Description: My friends and I have been playing deathmatch since the day 1.2 came out, so I tried to put some stuff that I know I like in this WAD. I don't know of any bugs in it, but if you find some, please let me know about them. Likewise for suggestions for what you'd like to see.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: Approximately 10 hrs, including playtesting.
Editor(s) used: Dedlev 1.0 Beta, my own personal editor. I'm really not sure if I'll release it or not, maybe if enough people are interested.
Bugs: None that I've found.
Rating: (2 votes)
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Generic, but good for the timestamp. Pretty nice hangar-ish DM map. Im sure some fun frags happened here.x
I found this level because I am a great fan of David Bowie and I like his music. I don't know why this is in the general levels directory because it is a deathmatch level, with a central arena shaped like a hexagon (hence the name - it has nothing to do with Hexen, thank God). The two monsters are the monsters you would expect there to be in a level that only has two monsters. Yes, *those* two monsters. No-go as a single-player level, possibly decent but totally generic in deathmatch.x

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