Title: HHH-22.WAD
Filename: levels/doom/g-i/hhh-22.zip
Size: 56.8 KB
Date: 05/10/94
Author: Robert Zubek
Description: "Well, well, well..." started Hades, "You have solved that little puzzle(*) with amazing speed... Good for you, my boy. How about something tougher?" Answering your icy glance, he quickly added "Okay, just a _little_ tougher..." His wide smile exposed strong and healthy teeth. Suddenly it came to your mind that no one ever saw Hades smiling -- or did not live to tell about it? "The problem is," he continued, "that I have one little palace I don't really like. One architect designed it for me some time ago, he was trying to suck up to me, you know, so I would let him live another 50 years or so. I didn't. Anyway, the place didn't suit my taste, really; it's so small and tight, and definitely not warm enough for a winter palace. So I decided that with some remodeling it would make an interesting puzzle for you. How about it? Oh, come on, I know you start to like these puzzles, don't you?" His voice became more and more patronizing. "It's good, you know, for your body, mind... and speed!" he said, and honoured you with another smile, clearly enjoying himself. Impatience, however, overcame him, and he quickly finished up his monologue -- "You are really good in conversations. It's a pity we've got to go now. I can't wait to see you in that palace. I only wonder how quickly you'll get out of there... IF you'll get out...

(*) see HHH-21.WAD (HHH Part One)
Credits: Authors of DEU and BSP. May their programs grow and multiply! And not require a recompiling to work on a 486sx!
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: 56 hours. ;)
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.1, BSP 1.1x recompiled
Bugs: There are some problems with the 2-sided linedefs in two tall rooms: the first room with the windows, and the one with the deep acid pit. Sometimes when walking thru a linedef without any texture, it may seem as if walking thru a gray wall. It's a Doom engine's problem, and not my or DEU's fault.
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For that early time quite acceptable level. Varying layout, not bad texture use, a lot of decoration, and not too many typical 1994 era flaws. Gameplay is way too easy for nowadays standards, but in those early time it had some nice moments. Overall, rated as 1994 map: enough above average for earning a small 4*.x
Cool map, I remember it from 1994 Tune-Up. Interesting but a bit nonsensical progression, very easy fights.x
Tedious and very very easy. Without a sad cacademon. 2/5x
So much better than HHH-21.WAD this is a really cool map with some areas that require you to think how to reach certain areas. I had some big trouble trying to get the red key but when you finally do it is worth it and you feel a real achievement in doing so. After playing this second map in the Hades' House of Horros series I can see why some doomers wished the other maps had been released. Very good architecture and balanced gameplay 4/5.x
Pretty decent for 1994. It's mostly just hunting for keys, but it's not too bad. The texture usage is very reminiscent of Episode 2, and the architecture isn't too bad (I'd imagine that the starting room caused problems for a lot of people back then). Some secrets are required to finish the level, but that seems to be typical for 1994, I'm afraid. 4/5x
awsum for 94x

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