Title: hOOters
Filename: levels/doom/g-i/hooter.zip
Size: 85.7 KB
Date: 07/01/94
Author: Norman Scott
Description: As you gather your senses, you look around to see that you are in a small courtyard. You can see the exit, it is only a few yards away. You move towards the door only to find that there is some type of a force field preventing you from getting there. There must be some way out! You find the subterrainian passage. You make your way down deeper, deeper into the heart of the complex. You discover all the secrets that it holds. You find the Pyramid Chamber and climb to the top and grab the exit key card. You have fought in the Arena of Death and survived! You pick up your ticket and relax at the Double Feature Cinema just as the curtain goes up. It is an adult movie but you get in easily and sit front row center. You make it back to the surface and fresh air. You have by-passed the force field, you insert the keycard into the exit door, YES, the door opens, you run in and see the switch on the far wall. As you reach for the switch you feel something burning on the back of your neck, should you turn around or press the switch? You start to turn and ............
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU521 * BSP11x * DMGRAP11
Bugs: None (I hope)
Rating: (6 votes)
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^that is true, for 1994 it was pretty darn good. Today? Maybe not so good. However, playing a WAD called HOOTERS should be a pretty god damned clear signal that there might be nudity, you shitheads. Also try reading the fucking description. If 2 nude pictures get your panties tied in a knot and asspained then it is entirely YOUR fault for downloading this WAD in the first place. -Bukkake Windmillx
A very smart map that made you guess at every turn. I can see how it's low rated since it takes a while to figure out the puzzle and the nude art was a bit unnecessary but it definitely felt like a bad dream. 5/5 for being original and well executed especially for a 1994 era map.x
Worse than Hooters Road Trip. 0/5. -Randumbx
...Wow. This should have been in the X-Rated Section.x
This was E4M4 of HEROES.WAD. It's a terrible wad from 1994 with completely random rooms and hallways. I got so confused, I just rageclipped to the end of the level. Also, there's naked pictures for no reason, but the awful level design will make even the most desperate Doomers flaccid. 1/5x
A cramped map with lots of stairs and moving parts. Design is competent for '94 but the layout and "progression" are confusing as hell and the texturing is all over the place. I stumbled through 100/100 in around 7 minutes but felt lost all the time. To get to the exit you need to walk over a random, unmarked linedef in a secret sector. The blue key section features 2 pictures of naked women (hence the title?). New graphics are so-so, the new death sound annoying. 5 random secrets. Not good. --1/5x

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