Title: HUNTER.WAD, release 2
Filename: levels/doom/g-i/hunter.zip
Size: 57.3 KB
Date: 07/10/94
Author: Jin H. Kim "Time Traveler"
Description: A wham-bam, bippity-boppin' good Time wreakin' havoc among them Satanic civies and mutated meatheads. Watch your step and ALWAYS watch your back. It's not an impossible level and is quite solvable within a couple of tries. Well, maybe. Swap some lead. *** II *** There are no mechanical differences between my first release and this release. In this release I improved Y alignment, changed some textures, and added a few more dead bodies here and there. If you happen to have the first release, you probably got it from one of my friends. This wad is the first of a pseudo episode 4 series. Play difficulty is at least as difficult as the mid-episode 3 levels when set to ultra-violence.
Credits: Absolutely nobody. Why should I. I'm a greedy bastard. (Now go read the first line of this text.) I thank the Cohan brothers for their ideas and Jer for being the network deathmatch "guinea pig."
Base: Again, no Doom'er worth his salt even CONSIDERS pirating someone else's level, regardless of whatever permission the author grants. Be unique. Be creative. Spend your life making levels.
Build time: Hmmm......60+ hours? Took a while to do, but that's ok. I've never made a level before. And just when you THINK you're done, there's more to add.
Editor(s) used: DEU5.1, (DEU5.2 locks up my system..) BSP1.1x, graph paper.
Bugs: For the longest Time I didn't know why some of the graphics would appear see-through after building the nodes. Eventually BSP 1.1x showed me the error of my ways.. Ommm....... There is still one persistent and inexplicable problem... in the very lower right hand corner of the map, there is an area that you cannot walk through. It's not crucial at all to the game, but even under the closest DEU scrutiny, no human error could be detected.... weird.
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Design is not as good as CRATER.WAD, but this map is funny, especially on fiercy start and in the barons trap. And mentioned above me maze is not bad, actually. Worth to playing, experts may try this on uvfast, hehe. &&&&x
I downloaded this from Greece, instead of Germany, because I want to show solidarity with the poor fire-ravaged people of Greece. This is a simple, symmetrical early level, but it's surprisingly tricky - there's a lot of action and a couple of good traps, and one bit with some barons that's pretty fierce for 1994. Sadly the bulk of the level is a winding maze, that you absolutely have to explore, which sucks the fun out of it, like a mosquito.x

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