Title: Infernos
Filename: levels/doom/g-i/infernos.zip
Size: 691.35 KB
Date: 01/01/13
Author: ReX Claussen
Description: Nine maps that attempt to capture the look and feel of the original Episode 3.
Credits: Simon 'Fraggle' Howard for identifying a problem in E3M3 that prevented it from running in vanilla DooM mode. Nigel 'Enjay' Rowand for trouble-shooting a problem in E3M4 that screwed up behavior of the floor below the crusher in vanilla DooM mode. Pascal van der Heiden (trademark CodeImp) for trouble-shooting a problem in E3M8 that prevented a door from opening.
Base: Nine levels from scratch. Some areas of E3M8 are borrowed from phobos_v.wad and deimos-v.wad
Build time: Several months, off and on.
Editor(s) used: WadAuthor for map-building; SlumpEd for merging the maps into a single wad
Bugs: None
Rating: (15 votes)
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