Title: INVASION... Level 2--The Upper Decks
Filename: levels/doom/g-i/invade2.zip
Size: 640.35 KB
Date: 10/03/94
Author: Andy Chen, Claude Martins
Description: This is level 1 of a 4 level storyline episode.

[It's too much work to make 9, so we decided to compress the story a bit!]

STORY SO FAR: [Level 1--Contamination (invade1.wad)]

Mars Base sent an urgent distress call after a new gateway opened up there. You had been sent on the battlecruiser INQUISITOR to combat this new INVASION...

...but not all had gone according to plan. The ship was attacked and boarded just as it entered orbit around Mars. You awakened from hypersleep to find your crewmates either mutated or dead. Your objective was clear: end the CONTAMINATION or die trying...

You finally managed to eradicate all the evil hellspawn from the lower levels of the ship. But, just as you were about to proceed to THE UPPER DECKS, through a viewport, you spotted a huge alien space hulk approaching the INQUISITOR...

[end of Level 1]

[Level 2--The Upper Decks (invade2.wad)]

You must now not only annihilate all intruders aboard the INQUISITOR, but somehow deal with the entire shipload of the alien hulk.

[Please read INVPRO2.TXT before playing the level for the complete story]

[Please read INVEPI2.TXT after completing the level]
Credits: Brendon Wyber (DEU 5.21)
RaphaŽl Quinet (DEU 5.21)
Per Allansson (DEU 5.21 GCC conversion)
Per Kofod (DEU 5.21 GCC conversion)
Jens Hykkelbjerg (RMB 1.2)
Bill Neisius (DMGRAPH 1.1, DMMUSIC 1.0, DMAUD 1.1)
Colin Reed (BSP1.2X)
and of course, the great id Software team.

Larry Tipton (CMMM 1.0Beta)
David K. Mason (DTA 2.0.7, Dmorf 1.1.2)
Alex DeMeo ("Spheres"->Introduction theme)
dr. awesome ("12th warrior"->Level theme)
Scott Davis ("Chronosphere"->Intermission theme)
Andrew Scott (Midi2Mod 0.2)
Guido Struben (Music Sculptor 1.22)
Chris S. Craig (Goldwave 2.10)

and probably tons of other stuff!
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: "65 Million Years In The Making..." ...well, at least it feels that way!
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.1, DEU 5.21, DEU 5.21GCC, BSP1.1X, BSP1.2X
Bugs: With DOOM v1.2
- Slight HOM in Alien Hulk
- Save game bug
With DOOM v1.666
- Just the Save game bug.
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