Title: INVASION Episode 4 Level 2 : Upper Decks Prologue Animation Package
Filename: levels/doom/g-i/invpro2.zip
Size: 2.97 MB
Date: 10/04/94
Author: Claude Martins, Andy Chen
Description: This is the deluxe animation and sound files for the second level in Invasion. It is an add-on package to INVADE2.ZIP which contains the actual DOOM level.
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I was curious to see what this was like; it's a .FLI animation from September 1994, and I had to go through hoops to play it on my 2010 Windows XP machine. The result is very nostalgic, a Sega Megadrive / "early days of CDROM"-style rave intro with screencaps from Aliens and some tiny spaceships that must have taken ages to render. Rendered CGO intro movies were big news in 1994 and I'm glad they have mostly died out.x

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