Title: The Island of the Death (S)pecial (E)dition
Filename: levels/doom/g-i/iodse1_1.zip
Size: 100.1 KB
Date: 06/04/96
Author: Fatal Cure
Description: an upgrade from v1.0 to make it compatible with DOOM 1&2, not exactly the same in both games yet though.

Story: Your ship has crashed in a storm and as far as you know everyone else is dead, after searching the island for a while you notice that off in the distance about 1 km away is a old building, you realize that with out any food or fresh water anywhere on the island and a new storm coming in that it is your only chance. You hear unearthly howls and you quickly decide that you must either go into the building hopeing that someone is living there or face what ever the hell is out there.
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I would call it Island of Texturemissalignment s, its the worst use of textures ive ever seen, the difficulty has lost its job. I was able to finish the map just with a chainsaw. very very poor.x

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