Title: ITP1_v1a.WAD, Into The Pit 1 WAD for DOOM (1)
Filename: levels/doom/g-i/itp1_v1b.zip
Size: 216.85 KB
Date: 10/20/94
Author: Mikael Wiberg
Description: This version is for DOOM (1). Another version for DOOM ][ can be found in the DOOM2 directory and includes the new monsters in different places of the level. This WAD started out as a test for what a WAD-editor can do since I recently found out you really can make your own WADs. Tip: there are a lot of illusionary walls around this place that's for sure. I have replaced DEMO2 with an LMP of me completing the WAD getting as many percent as I could, of course on ultra violence. Included in the WAD, at E1M2, is also an demo of my next WAD, or the next after that. DEMO1 is also replaced with a quite astonishing LMP of me getting no damage at all on ultra violence and getting to the end of the WAD (it is not ready yet which you certainly will see). Hey maybe I will make a whole new episode, who knows (your hateful or whatever Email will decide that (good thing it is'nt possible to send bombs via this type of mail (viruses are not welcome))).
Base: New level.
Build time: Time? Time flies.
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: Only a couple of spiders (just kidding). Level is slow even on a 486DX2-66 VLB (at least the one I tested it on), but what could be expected from a shitty old computer like that. Buy a real computer!
Rating: (2 votes)
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In my opinion this is one of the shittiest wad ever. If you like playing crap, this is for you.x
What do I hate most? The fiffyesque start pitting you against 48 cacos with only the SG (survivable only if you find an unmarked secret with SG ammo), the confusing and non-sensical progression (e.g. needing to find unmarked secrets and switches behind see-through walls to progress), the shoot/walk-through walls with monsters taking pot shots at you everywhere, or the retarded end section (with jumping sequences)? Hmm. Almost unplayable. The pits (pardon the pun). E1M2 gets 1 point. --1/5x

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