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These are a few wads I threw together on a friends comptuter. The first two have no stories, but CASE.WAD is based upon the quad at Case Western Reserve University. Enjoy them!...Date:05/12/94
Size:65.5 KB

Kill and survive!...Date:08/01/05
Size:16.49 KB

j1 2-8-95
First level...Date:03/12/95
Size:13.64 KB
Author:Joseph Pacheco

A wide level....Date:03/28/96
Size:215.3 KB
Author:L.J. Menist

You have been captured by demons and taken to a prison. You have lived in a jail cell for 5 days eating only bread and water. When a zombieman comes in to give you your bread and water. You grab his pistol and kill him, and he drops his rifle and his...Date:06/25/97
Size:7.55 KB
Author:Jay McKoon

JAIL11.WAD ver 1.1
This is my first DOOM-Level. It has been developed with DEU 5.1 and 5.2 on a 486DX2/66. It has only been tested for single play. You start near the properly locked prison. Something strange has happened there and the warders who managed to escape won...Date:06/23/94
Size:33.7 KB
Author:Roland Sander

Jailbait is a rather large level in which you start out in jail and have to fight your way out. Because of many of the narrow ledges and surprise confrontations I think it probably a pretty challenging level (but great fun). Take heart, I have got...Date:07/20/94
Size:55.77 KB

JAL_CAS1.WAD (Castle1)
Set in a castle/dungeon theme Fairly challenging but not massive...Date:05/14/94
Size:13.22 KB
Author:James Legg

Set in an open-air castle castle Deathmatch only Designed to be played with -respawn...Date:05/14/94
Size:8.08 KB
Author:James Legg

Life In The Fast Lane (Part One)
The Wad You Are Playing Is Made Out Of Scratch. Here Is The Story:...Date:01/11/97
Size:39.95 KB
Author:Jason Andrew Hill --> Jawahencov's Revenge
A new, short, 4 level DOOM episode... Jawahencov's Revenge. Pretty difficult, and has some neat sections in it....Date:12/30/04
Size:146.44 KB
Author:Ben Brooks
"This is an updated version of JCM1.WAD - rebuilt with RMB and BSP for optimum speed. Demos re-recorded: now compatable with DOOM 1.6! Over 80 hours of work. Multiplayer and deathmatch ready. Highly rated!" See JCM1-16.DOC for details. Includes v1....Date:01/10/20
Size:399.96 KB
Author:JC MegaByte

JCM episode 2
This Patch Wad supplies DOOM with 9 new replacement levels for episode 2, built completely from scratch using DEU 5.21, DMAUD 1.1 and DMGRAPH 1.0, plus many home-made custom utilities. (see credits below) Time to complete this...Date:12/03/94
Size:783.86 KB
Author:JC MegaByte

UAC Training base
you are at an old UAC Training base. It contains traps for testing out marines so be careful....Date:02/19/96
Size:7.47 KB
Author:JONATHAN RENNIE-MCCORMACK (idea by Jeff Harasimoicz)

Jeff's Hell
This is my first attempt at creating a PWAD, so keep the flames to a minimum. Try not to get your ass blown off!!!...Date:06/02/96
Size:16.79 KB
Author:Jeff Velten

These are 2 whole new levels I created using deu 5.0 rev 4. They are E1L1.WAD and E2L1.WAD. Both are set up for multiplayer, or single player or deathmatch. Don't look for the exit because there is none, just kill everything! Enjoy. Jeremy....Date:08/02/05
Size:17.95 KB
Author:Jeremy Last

s #969.WAD is really JERRY.WAD, the final version from wads MAIN.WAD and NHOUSE.WAD. Once again this first wad (level) was drawn and reconstructed to match the house I've lived most of my life... BEWARE........Date:03/07/97
Size:860.86 KB
Author:Guy Babin

Jesus DeathMatch
This is my easter present for you guys out there. Have fun. This wad works fine with shareware version of doom, and is designed for it. IMHO reminds the good old maps of Yukio Ide....Date:03/21/08
Size:292.14 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Warning: This was designed as a very tough single player wad....only one skill level is available.....and it's not easy. For this reason I am also including a walkthrough below. The hints are in the order of the game play and separated by page breaks...Date:03/05/95
Size:143.86 KB
Author:Steve Loukin

A group of WADS I have made put into one....Date:02/03/97
Size:97.93 KB
Author:Jimmy Pierce

First real WAD I have made. Includes my friend's and my house....Date:02/03/97
Size:73.6 KB
Author:Jimmy Pierce

What ever you want to call it
This is my first level, folks, so be gentle with me. It was intended for Death Match Play but will play on all levels. Enjoy....Date:05/23/05
Size:46.42 KB
Author:James Jarvis

this is my very first doom map. this was more of a creativity experiment and excercise to learn doom buider. if you wanna see an older version, send an email....Date:02/27/17
Size:119.63 KB

Since this was my first level, it contains a bit of everything. Traps, a few constructions, I came up with and experiments with light levels and effects. Thus, it is quite linear and therefore probably not very suited for deathmatch. But I haven't tr...Date:02/26/95
Size:82.05 KB
Author:Marc Fontaine

My first attempt at a level. A good-looking, fun to play level with some very intense moments. Somewhat challenging on HMP, though unforgiving on UV. Possible to get 100% kills, however. New version; more polished than "johann.wad". Fairly linear wit...Date:06/13/94
Size:60.55 KB
Author:Greg Cymbalist

you are at an old UAC secret base used for early teleportation experiments. It contains who knows what so be careful....Date:01/14/96
Size:33.66 KB
Sending my 2 wads for you all to test out. They are lev 1 episode 1 & 2. Episode 1 is my last wad, and the episode 2 my first go at wad-making. To make these wads i used DEU & BSP. Thanx to the authors for the great programs :-) A friend of ...Date:06/20/94
Size:52.74 KB
Author:Jan-Ove Saevik

all made from scratch many hours in building, also alot of test playing. I hope you enjoy playing this one!...Date:03/04/97
Size:45.11 KB
Author:Rick Kautz

Welcome to the Zoo. In the "Too Young" skill, I finished the level in 25 minutes (no die, one save). The most difficult thing is to found my face in a texture and the word written on it (Windows Wingdings font coded). Every next level will contains a...Date:09/14/94
Size:88.33 KB
Author:Jean-Philippe Gsell

Jungle Fever
Looks and feels like a jungle. (At least to me.)...Date:06/26/95
Size:70.79 KB
Author:John C. Ford

Jupiter Carnage 2: To Hell And Beyond!
-- achtung! the map replaces E4M2! -- Who has missed the first part of this: Doomguy has went to Hell again to rescue his Jupiter space station. Now you shall guide him to liberation. -------------------- This map might have a couple of places you wi...Date:05/31/16
Size:156.04 KB
Author:Bzzrak Ktazzz

Jupiter Carnage 3!
-- achtung! the map replaces E4M3! -- Doomguy busted the Hell armada's ass again, right? Didn't he? Oh hell yes he did! But, as he was busting its ass, the nefarious hellspawn decided to take over a base on the Moon, owned by Our Hero's friend from h...Date:11/25/16
Size:546.18 KB
Author:Bzzrak Ktazzz

Jupiter Carnage!
-- achtung! the map replaces E4M1! -- After the events of Doom I, Doomguy got a big amount of money from all Earth governments, after all, he's the one who saved their skins. Doomguy decides that it's time to make some money and buys what's left of U...Date:04/14/16
Size:135 KB
Author:Bzzrak Ktazzz
Here it is my first ever wad file!I hope you like it, it needs a little work but play it anyway!...Date:05/17/94
Size:27.12 KB

JV.WAD (Journey to the Volcano)
A revolutionary new wad file for registered doom (of course) that has many unheard-of features, such as the revolving stairway of death, ladders (sorta), working elevators, secrets galore, etc....Date:09/30/06
Size:208.22 KB
Author:Owen Robertson

K1.WAD, K2.WAD, K3.WAD, The MazeWorks (K4.WAD)
K1.WAD: This level is Deathmatch capable, and extra items will be added especially for a deathmatch (or multiplayer cooperative) game. There are a lot of secret areas in this level, so keep your eyes out for strange looking walls and the like. Also, ...Date:04/13/07
Size:218.34 KB
Author:Kevin Hanser

With my fertile imagination I failed to come up with an honest reason for this level. But have fun. Keith Story typed by Dave. In deepest, darkest Durham, deviously, dastardly, demonstrative, (etc.),demonic forces have found fertile ground amongs...Date:05/09/94
Size:67.58 KB
Author:Keith Sheehan & Dave Murray

MONSTER (monster.wad)
A huge, fairly straight foreward level that is is my second attempt at designing a new wad. I do not have any real story behind designing this wad. However, you should be able to complete this wad without the use of any "special commands". The reason...Date:10/28/10
Size:60.96 KB
Author:David Pezzato

A level...Date:06/27/94
Size:58.65 KB

Not Another E1 Wad
This wad is another knockoff of Doom's episode, Knee Deep in the dead. Much like all other wads, this one has many inspired themes comming from this epsiode. Unlike my other wads, this one doesn't have too much detail, since this is...Date:10/09/03
Size:38.99 KB
Author:Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal

Not Another E3 Wad
Hate E3M9 has much as I do? Then why not try this wad as your replacement of Warrens. Nothing special. This wad was part of a megawad that I quickly given up months ago. Expect more of these kaiser_*.wads to show up in the future. a...Date:03/17/04
Size:132.81 KB
Author:Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal

A house in hell? About the level: Yes, I know, "another house." Well, it was an exercise in cuteness, an experiment in adaptation, and an attempt at creating a neat level with good texture mapping. This level can be played like any regular DOOM...Date:06/29/05
Size:72.07 KB

Kansam's Trial (Special Edition)
The long-awaited followup to Kansam4. See the supplied Kansam4.txt for the original docs. This now runs under DOOM 1.9, or Ultimate Doom. The demos have been translated to work with this, so anything less and you'll suffer for it... The levels ar...Date:01/05/04
Size:754.76 KB
Author:Started by Kansam (of The 6th Congregational Church of Rodney) Finished off by DOUG the Eagle

The Arterial Fortress
The demons of hell have constructed a sprawling fortress within the guts of some unimaginable creature. Tunnels carved through flesh are supported by metal beams, while bunkers have been built on a foundation of muscle and tendon....Date:03/09/07
Size:185.38 KB
Author:Frank Maginnis (Kiev)

Knee Deep in the UnDead
Designed to recreate the feel of Knee Deep in the Dead (episode 1 of the Ultimate Doom), levels are relativley short and simple but at the same time still look and feel good, gameplay is basic but hopefully fun and entertaining. Each level is doable ...Date:04/10/10
Size:431.24 KB
Author:Matthew "Foodles" Edwards

Ken's Level
this doom miniwad file is to be used with the registered version of doom only it can be used with the shareware program DOOM MASTER. the level was created totally from scratch and has many surprises....Date:02/10/05
Size:61.68 KB

A Level for some one who wants a challange and wouldn't mind seeing death face to face You enter teleport chamber and can't decide which one to enter....Date:08/11/97
Size:11.46 KB
Author:Kenny Kwaak

Deathmatch. Almost every level a Rocker launcher and a Plasma Gun. This is the idea for the level(s). Also, alot of open space, and some levels inclosed. E1M2 meant to be played with Monsters on. All the rest can be played without....Date:04/02/95
Size:38.97 KB
Author:Neil Berg

Well, a lot of textures, and enemies, just cool......Date:07/16/96
Size:63.16 KB
Author:Jonathan DeValentine

The Keystone
You'll see all three keys from the time you begin, but how to get them is the challenge. Only two of the keys are necessary to complete the level. There are many secrets that you must be observant in order to find. You may be surprised on the final s...Date:02/15/11
Size:48.78 KB
Author:Kevin Eudy

Kentucky Fried Wad
A vanilla E2M1 replacement to satisfy your fast food needs. HMP gives more health and ammo, HNTR removes the most evil monsters....Date:12/28/16
Size:54.35 KB

Kick Attack!
Size:622 KB
Author:Digital Marketing Associates for Kick

Kill 'em All (Yes, i got it from MetallicA)
DOOM level with alot of enemies, and windy stairs....Date:04/14/95
Size:24.88 KB
Author:Jonathan Elly (bElCh on IRC)

The KILLME Collection or Final KILLME
FORGET THE DESCRIPTION ALREADY!!! This is DOOM!! You kill things 'cause you want to.....'cause you have to! (Check out KILLME 1-3 text files if you really want a story line!) If you really want the story, e-mail me and I might send you the long versi...Date:11/23/97
Size:1.64 MB
Author:S.A. Stephenson

Killer Episode
Size:213.64 KB
Author:John Kugelman

After playing many wads in deathmatch mode, I decided it was time to try to create one of my own. This level has many sniping places. There is a central teleportation room that takes you to the other areas. Each area will almost always have a way to ...Date:05/12/06
Size:40.33 KB
Author:Mike Ruggles

Dear Doomers This level, called Kill or be Killed, is my newest try at a completely new level. This level was created using that great program, DEU 5.0. I haven't set difficulty yet so no matter what difficulty level you chose, it will be the same....Date:05/12/06
Size:25.43 KB
Author:WHTRBT1 (B^D)

KILLSPR2.WAD "Da Kills" Pre-Release #2 (8/18/94)
(Story) :You and your buddies are sent to an UAC WDS-- _________________ Union Aerospace Corporation Waste Disposal--...Date:08/18/94
Size:190.65 KB

I hope you don't have any plans for the next couple of days!...Date:07/26/98
Size:31.24 KB
Author:Robert Larkin

Completely new version of Episode 1 Level 1...Date:06/16/94
Size:76.52 KB
Author:Craig J. Dudle

Kronos was begun in early April, and due to a hard disk crash and a QIC-80 tape error, lost for several weeks, during which DEU 5.1 was released. (And no, I didn't have a second backup.) The tape decided on it's own to work for just one pass 4 days a...Date:05/17/94
Size:65.84 KB
Author:Bob Lange

Kill the Spider!
Infiltrate the base, kill the spider, and escape. Good luck!...Date:11/17/09
Size:2.57 KB
Author:Gary Hader

The evil forces have captured a whole small farmer village in a firewall and nobody has the guts to pass the firewall. Your mission is to take you to the village and blow away the evil forces. You are near now but you hear something, you aren't alone...Date:09/12/94
Size:67.58 KB
Author:Klas Schöldström

Short e1m1 replacement I made out of boredom....Date:09/26/12
Size:30.57 KB

Laboratory Escape
You start out in a nice clean laboratory with clean walls and computers but have to get out by going through the classic DOOM rooms (ie. skin walls and skulls)....Date:12/02/05
Size:22.96 KB

Labs of Deimos Revisited
Inspired by Doom I's E2M4 but from scratch. Hope you enjoy!...Date:06/13/09
Size:230.55 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

Weaponry and Genetics Experimental Laboratory
You are a guard for a weapon & alien experimentation labratory. Some dude has screwed up bad and hell has broken loose all over the complex... Every one else seems to be kind of dead, so its up to you to get your self out......Date:11/24/95
Size:81.44 KB

The idea of the game was to make a labyrinth. I think it is pretty good, but I had to decide not to go on adding things and sectors to it, because it would never be perfect. I will later try to make a better labyrinth......Date:12/02/05
Size:37.36 KB
Author:Henning Møller-Nielsen

Laitos v1.4
This PWAD was made for the DoomCenter episode 1 week contest. Yet another update... this time fixed ZDoom co-op functionality, and while at it did some other little editing....Date:03/13/02
Size:173.62 KB

Shortly after you managed to escape the clutches of Hell, you return to Earth...Date:09/11/95
Size:58.91 KB
Author:James Stewart

This is another update, w/graphics added. Nothing major. Title screen, O.J., Rygil. (I was bored, what do you want?). The general idea is that keys are useless. You have to find a switch that opens a door so that you can proceed. Sometimes yo...Date:10/25/95
Size:142.07 KB
Author:Anthony Rocchio

This is my first level and it took me several hours. It was designed with traps in mind cause I think they keep it alive and kicking. I made this level on Edmap 1.22 (thank you for the program, Jeff) but there are a few problems I still have. I am...Date:12/21/94
Size:16.88 KB

L - A - S - T |R|E|S|O|R|T
Military base style level...Date:01/03/06
Size:55.78 KB
Author:Frank Polster

COOL Deathmatch with ALL weapons...Date:08/22/94
Size:10.39 KB
Author:Eric Wescott

Laura Beyer's Add on level 2
Warning: The caves are so real we have had complaints. Too Frightning....Date:05/12/94
Size:960.11 KB

Lucifer's Gate
The first installment in the Lucifer Series...Date:07/02/96
Size:20.64 KB
Author:Jeremy L Wagner

Lucifer's Shrine
The Second installment of the Lucifer Series...Date:07/02/96
Size:26.26 KB
Author:Jeremy L Wagner
This is a combo wad containing levels one, two, and three. Since everyone has commented that levels one and two were too easy, I put special effort into insuring that level three was more difficult. As always, constructive comments welcome....Date:05/14/94
Size:84.65 KB
Author:Tony L. Hayes

The Legend of Doom 1.0 for Doom1
Size:100.7 KB
Author:Rick Troppman

Legion of the Damned
Earth date - Wedensday, Febuary 12th, 2345. Back in the labs on Kemois, there is a management meeting to decide who will be worthy of test piloting the new IFTIF (Inter-Flux Time Integration Facility) or in simple terms, the time machine. Seeing as...Date:03/28/96
Size:22.29 KB
Author:Mr Dave Peacock

Legion Down Under
Your mission is to secure a strange bunker in the Australian outback where many comrads have vanished. You parachute in to a small court yard and immediately realize the only way out is DOWN! Two mysterious stairways disappear into the stench filled ...Date:12/03/04
Size:122.61 KB
Author:Jim McColm

Very balanced and logical, greated for intoxicated play!...Date:07/11/08
Size:10.28 KB
Author:Jon S
Here are three levels that I am experimenting with.. Type GO and they will automatically run for you. They replace levels 1, 2, and 4. I haven't finished the replacement for level 3 but I can work on that one now. (Nightmare level will be a r...Date:05/12/94
Size:39.16 KB

My wad is a huge canyon with 3 mountains, various caves and tunnel complexes, spiral stair cases, a teleport grid, traps, and really long, scenic views! Ideal for solo play or deathmatch (lots of hidden nooks and crannies, and plenty of room to run a...Date:05/12/94
Size:57.81 KB
Author:Lewis Beard

Developed for Single play. Difficulty settings control enemy encounters. At all skill levels the same puzzles exist. This is meant for the more thoughtful player, but at the high difficulty levels time to think might be at a minimum. Weapons/Ammo a...Date:07/29/95
Size:35.62 KB
Author:Larry Ludwick

This is certainly my finest level thus far. I designed this level with the single player in mind, but the level is especially engaging when used as a deathmatch arena, so either type of player should find it a treat. The level features complex an...Date:01/19/95
Size:37.44 KB
Author:Jeff Wofford

The Lion's den
The transporter beam found a fairly safe drop point. You materialize to find yourself in a strange place. It shines of hi-tech, though the mission briefing said dark and gloomy dungeons... Oh well, another day in the life of a dispensible marine......Date:09/23/94
Size:35.21 KB
Author:Fanie Viljoen

Light of Day
Get out fast! Hold down the trigger when necessary. Your alone in the toxic dump site tunnels. Well, not quite alone.... Find the light of day to win....Date:11/30/04
Size:56.76 KB
Author:Dan Norman
This is a PWAD file that replaces Episode 2 Map 1 in the REGISTERED version of Doom. It is not a very large level but is of fair size (for a level 1). There may be a future version of it in which I will add more if there's any point so please sen...Date:05/12/94
Size:9.63 KB
Author:Chris "Lithium" Hopkins (lake death)
A rather large pwad file that features a large lake with some nasty surprises. (WATCH YOUR BACK!!) There are no areas with 10 cyberdaemons, etc. and there is no weapon more powerful than the rocket launcher....Date:05/22/94
Size:43.03 KB
Author:Alan Bost
A sprawling, nukage-drenched level from the "Doom Developers Kit" CDROM by Diamond Media (Denmark)....Date:12/29/19
Size:107.43 KB

THE Loch
You, must battle your way throught the hordes of beasties surrounding the loch and in the buildings that make its sides (i.e. YOU KILL THEM! (simple game when you think about it!) )...Date:05/18/94
Size:61.86 KB
Author:Sam Judson

Lodge of the Undead for Ultimate Doom
The UAC likes to provide a little R & R for its...Date:01/06/99
Size:138.06 KB
Author:Dan Patanella

Leap Of Faith
Leap Of Faith When you get the yellow key, you'll only have two choices: fight your way back through an impossible multitude of enemies, or line up and jump into the pit, hoping you don't land on the big guys you can hear down there....Date:10/21/96
Size:61.44 KB
Author:Robert Heaney

I dunno in a log cabin or somethin'....Date:10/13/95
Size:26.57 KB
Author:Scott Ward

A Deathmatch Level that is likely to get my butt in trouble for trademark violation. What? You say that ID is having trouble obtaining the trademark for DOOM? Well, I guess I made this level just in time, eh? BTW: Hope you all have fun getting at the...Date:05/12/94
Size:14.66 KB
Author:Kenneth S. Forte

A Deathmatch (although single player is supported on one level of play) level. Mid-sized so that players run into each other often enough, but all areas have multiple connections to other areas so there are no traps. Three big rooms, nicknamed "The P...Date:05/12/94
Size:25.58 KB
Author:Shane Boyer ( with help from K. Desrochers, T. Furst

LOOE's First Level
This is my first attempt at a level. Greetings to all my m8s. Created with DoomEd The Real Thing - hurry up and send me that registered version man... cul8r Beefer....Date:05/18/05
Size:22.86 KB

LOOE's Second Level
This is my second attempt at a level. Greetings to all my m8s. Created with DoomEd The Real Thing - hurry up and send me that registered version man... cul8r Beefer....Date:05/18/05
Size:23.91 KB

Written mainly for DEATHMATCH, but may be played in single/co-operative modes. Only hard gits who frag loads play it on ultraviolence. Nightmare - don't even think about it! Greetings to all my m8s. Created with DoomEd The Real Thing - hurry up a...Date:05/18/05
Size:42.12 KB

Lookout spots surround an open court to ambush your unsuspecting death- match opponents. Hide behind an open window, but cover your back. Designed with single player and deathmatch modes in mind....Date:09/16/94
Size:137.54 KB
Author:Norman Scott

"LOOK OUT! Something is around that corner!" Fear for your life! "Get down that hall to that LOOK OUT tower! You'll be able to sneak up on them and have an advantage over them! But fear for your life!...Date:01/06/05
Size:56.63 KB
Author:Tom Boyles

This wad is basically made for SINGLE play, but I have added some network objects. I think that now there are too many deathmatch levels and there are people who don't have a modem. You need Ultimate Doom to run the wad. I have tried to desing a slau...Date:05/04/96
Size:46.07 KB
Author:Ruben Pamplona

Lost in Paris ][
You are sent to Paris. Mission: find the way out! Your first two missions will allow you to gain ammos and weapons. The third mission will be way tougher though, try not to get lost!!! :) Includes new sounds, a few textures, new music tracks (mad...Date:09/26/94
Size:641.84 KB
Author:Hervé Benvel

2 lost levels
2 old levels I build in 1994. I thought I had lost them but last week I discovered them on an old backup CD. Be warned though: These are not particularly good levels!...Date:04/14/03
Size:101.32 KB
Author:Christoph Oelckers (Graf Zahl)

This Wad was made to challange the Doom player in skill aspects along with Killings (of course). Warning! Not everything is what it appears to be. Get that (you'll see what I mean). The level can be completed without cheats, a little thought and effo...Date:12/24/94
Size:90 KB
Author:David J. Hill

Low Memory, version 1.2
Here we go... Once upon a time, lived a 11-year old autist dwelling in the glorious realm of 4chan. One day, he was downloading Sailor Moon hentai, as usual. However, today it was different. His hard drive, which had always obediently fulfilled its m...Date:03/13/17
Size:234.62 KB
Author:Bzzrak Ktazzz

Theseus and the Baron of Hell
Trek around in a DARK maze killing things and trying to get out. Fun. Wandering monsters....Date:08/13/95
Size:21 KB
Author:Peter Amstutz (or Tetron Vortex)

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