Title: #969.WAD
Filename: levels/doom/j-l/jerry.zip
Size: 860.86 KB
Date: 03/07/97
Author: Guy Babin
Description: s #969.WAD is really JERRY.WAD, the final version from wads MAIN.WAD and NHOUSE.WAD. Once again this first wad (level) was drawn and reconstructed to match the house I've lived most of my life... BEWARE.....
Credits: ID Software for making "The Ultimate Doom" and making ways for us, folks, to edit DOOM.

SAMS Publishing for providing the map editors and utilities with their book&CD "3D Game Alchemy" (Includes WADAUTHOR by Williston Consulting, WADED by Matthew Ayres, STARS1.BMP from THE ALCHEMY GRAPHICS LIBRARY by Justin Fisher & SAMS, and DMGRAPH/DMAUD by Bill Neisius.)

Special thanks to the JERRY'S KIDS for their time and energy to express their voices and ideas to be imported in this wad.


Mark Babin, "Mark, the Slick--the cool dude with many outrageous voices."

Sean Brock, "the Demonic Elmo who hates Studman" and provided those insane "laughs." Mr. Brock also provided the original design of "the Cat" or "God" which I'd redrawn and reconstructed specifically for this wad. Thanks, Sean.

Bernadette Babin as "Minnie Mouse."

And of course, me, Guy Babin--"Psycho" as the director with many other outrageous voices, as creator, as designer, as animator, etc...
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: 4 months on and off
Bugs: Occasionally, you would see HOM (Hall of Mirrors) effects but would not (should not) interfere with the game's functions...
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