Title: Jupiter Carnage 3!
Filename: levels/doom/j-l/jupcarn3.zip
Size: 546.18 KB
Date: 11/25/16
Author: Bzzrak Ktazzz
Description: -- achtung! the map replaces E4M3! -- Doomguy busted the Hell armada's ass again, right? Didn't he? Oh hell yes he did! But, as he was busting its ass, the nefarious hellspawn decided to take over a base on the Moon, owned by Our Hero's friend from high school. To make things worse, the base was working on research of an experimental acid, made for military purposes, so now there should be nukage all over the place. Hooray. The Doomguy says, exiting Hell to his clear and sterile Jupiter station: "Friends will be friends 'till the end". And so, carrying only his trusty pistol, Doomguy hops on a ship, entering "MOON" to its GPS. Mission: DEMONstr8 the powers of friendship to the ugly demons, get to your friend's secret bunker. Are you man enough?

Yep, we've gone faaaaar from Jupiter, but no one cares. If you want a plot, go to a library dammit! --------------------------------- Now, about the map itself: It is kinda inspired by Vrack 1 and 2. Much more simple in design, though. The map is quite tough, but with very few slaughter moments. The "hordes" are 25 Imps tops. Actually... Also, there is a "sewers" section, inspired by the bonus level of1 XBox Doom (E1M10: Sewers). For the folks who care -- 12750 sidedefs. A walkthrough demo is provided in the WAD, so don't complain about getting lost. -------------------------------- Oh, and if you actually play thru this, just leave a comment wherever you got it, it'll really mean me a lot :] Please? Or, if you're some sort of WAD reviewer... well you know what to do. Thanks!
Credits: the guy who created the official tutorials for Doom Builder 2 (AlysiumX on Youtube). id Software for [one of] the best games ever. Everyone who made the editors I used. skillsaw for including the sky in aa-tex. DoomLover234 and illuknisaa for trying to help. scifista42 for helping with techy stuff. Memfis for writing some helpful posts in the past. rdwpa for the same as above, as well as for some helpful remarks. darkhog for the tutorial on ENDOOMs in PabloDraw. Lee Jackson for the awesome music. FASTWAY 4eva :] uhbooh for the WFALL patches. (in fulltex.zip) Voros for pointing out a few minor problems. ChaingunPredator from iddqd.ru for the MAPINFO tutorial. The guys who made Selfie Doom. You for playing my masterpiece. Thanks guys!
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Exactly 5 months + 1 month without a computer + 1 month contributing to a CP.
Editor(s) used: DB2, SLADE, M$ Paint, IrfanView, PabloDraw
Bugs: Only minor slime trails.
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