Title: Kansam's Trial (Special Edition)
Filename: levels/doom/j-l/kansamse.zip
Size: 754.76 KB
Date: 01/05/04
Author: Started by Kansam (of The 6th Congregational Church of Rodney) Finished off by DOUG the Eagle
Description: The long-awaited followup to Kansam4. See the supplied Kansam4.txt for the original docs.

This now runs under DOOM 1.9, or Ultimate Doom. The demos have been translated to work with this, so anything less and you'll suffer for it...

The levels are:

E2M1 - Kansam's Legacy E2M2 - Shalmirane E2M3 - Purgatory E2M4 - Gates of Hell E2M5 - Shadowgard E2M6 - City of Pillars E2M7 - Babel-17 E2M8 - Kansam's Grave E2M9 - Twilight Zone

A complete description is further on..
Credits: Wow, just about everybody. Those nice guys at Id, but that goes without
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KInda good. Can't see much mistakes, but maps are not even extraordinary. 4/5 - Katamorix
Meh. Okay for Doom I... I guess... best at like 90's standards.x
Don't dis the creator of the SKY MAY BE. 5 starsx
It is pretty obvious this mapset was made by two authors. The first four levels are excellent, following the E2 theme. E2M4 is exceptionally well done. E2M5 is okay, but is a labrinth castle. The rest of the maps are fairly worthless, at best 94 standards, or otherwise worthless. The first four maps are a must play, #5 is tolerable if you like castles, and quit when you are ahead. 3.5/5, but rounded up to four because of the quality of the first half.x

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