Title: The KILLME Collection or Final KILLME
Filename: levels/doom/j-l/kill-me.zip
Size: 1.64 MB
Date: 11/23/97
Author: S.A. Stephenson
Description: FORGET THE DESCRIPTION ALREADY!!! This is DOOM!! You kill things 'cause you want to.....'cause you have to! (Check out KILLME 1-3 text files if you really want a story line!) If you really want the story, e-mail me and I might send you the long version.
Credits: My wife for letting me spend all the time I did on this, my son and his friends for testing, and coffee, lots of coffee ;-) It would also be unfair to not thank the guys at ID for making DOOM as well as the creators of the editors I used. Thanks also, to the good folks at CD-ROM.com for providing us DOOMer's with a site at which we can post all this stuff (Howcome no one ever thanks them?). Thank you all, very much. I've had fun (and likely wasted a goodly portion of my life!).
Base: New levels from scratch.
Build time: Unknown, probably 20-30 hrs per episode, including edits and testing. A long time at any rate!
Editor(s) used: Deu 5.21, Deth 3.92, DCK 2.2, and BSP 1.2x. These are all great editors, but I started with Deu and still like it the most. All the levels were at the maximum for Deu when first released as KILLME 1-3.
Bugs: None (I think I got 'em all). Note: not run on anything less than a 16 Meg Ram 486DX/33 so there may be a potential problem on some machines.
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Almost strictly single-themed mapset based on tech bases with small corridors, lots of traps, and non-lineair gameplay. Yes, look-and-feel is monotonous. But ambiance is very nostalgic, and after the first few maps it gets better and better to the point of very good, and often even excellent. Playing it @ UV still gives a lot of fun in 2015 (f.e. E3M9 with limited ammo), so author gets a well-earned 4*. BTW @ invisible 0-vomit / 1-awful voters: have the guts for posting why, it's not fair to the author.x
It's alright. But I have to go and barf,Got the flu.....x
This is like one gargantuan monotone level. Design is OK, so is play... but there is virtually no variation from map to map, or even episode to episode. Everything just looks and feels the same in all 27 maps. Hard to feel excited.x
Pretty good. Exploding barrels get you once, but you remember those spots. A bit confusing in areas, but not get you lost difficult. Tough in spots for sure. Overall, FUN! Not legendary, but better than a 4.x
I vote 5 stars to make it going upper than 3. The gameplay is NOT super fool, but the users thinking that all they have to do is to be unfriendly with the authors. I'm playing it, and there are lots of fun !!! - Jivex
Not bad at all.x
This E1 gfx is cute, but the gameplay super fool. 3/5-- SSWolfenSiex

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