Filename: levels/doom/j-l/kswood.zip
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Date: 09/12/94
Author: Klas Schöldström
Description: The evil forces have captured a whole small farmer village in a firewall and nobody has the guts to pass the firewall. Your mission is to take you to the village and blow away the evil forces. You are near now but you hear something, you aren't alone in the forest and begin to run to the small castle before something will get you.

The game is constructed for a single player on hurt me plenty or hey not to rough. For more players hurt me plenty or ultra- violence Deathmatch start spots are all in the small village for some tight fighting. You are supposed to find the amo you need but you must fight to get amo, so if amo is running low begin to run before you run out of it, you need it to pass the enemy. I you leave amo, remember were you left it. The demo1 shows how to finish on skill 2. The demo2 and demo3 show how to get in to the castle on skill 4.
Credits: ID, and all people who do adds on.
Base: New level from scratch (40 hours building + 10 hours playing )
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.21GCC, BSP 1.2, Reject 1.0
Bugs: In front some of the houses is a small invisible step. It is no playing problem. In two places can monster be invisible from some angles in demo1 it happens once. It has something with nod-building to do.
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A decent map. The little story actually serves as a sorta hint, as you need to "pass the firewall" by continuing on the rocky trail leading up to it. Gameplay consists of mostly blasting hordes of imps with a shotgun, or doing the same with a berserk pack encountered halfway through the map.x

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