Title: The Legend of Doom 1.0 for Doom1
Filename: levels/doom/j-l/legend1.zip
Size: 100.7 KB
Date: 01/22/97
Author: Rick Troppman
Credits: Special Thanks to John Williston and the Creaters of Wad Author, Oliver Montanuy, Avery Andrews, Valery Tsyplenkov, Kevin McGrail and everyone else involved in the developement of WinTex 4.1, Zink the Dink for the cool end editor EndDoomer and of course last but far from least, The cool people at ID software & GT interactive with out whom, all this fun stuff would not even exist.
Base: 1 New level Built completely from scratch
Build time: About 30 hours
Editor(s) used: Wad Author 1.3 Wintexb 4.2 Endoomer
Bugs: None reported so far
Rating: (2 votes)
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The idea of having the letters "DooM" as "inspiration" for the individual rooms is pretty nice - but that's it when it comes to creativity. The textures are repetitive and in general very lackluster. The rooms are huge but also doesn't make much sense. With roughly 500 monsters you can also imagine there is action non-stop with less brain required. Generally spoken it's fine if you stumble over it, but not really worth your time if you are looking for half decent maps. - Zedekx
This is one of those maps where the level design spells out a word (in this case it is the Doom logo). Each letter of the logo is a giant warehouse-style room. The texturing is bascially random, and the design is crude, but I enjoyed it, because there's a lot of action. The "monsters open doors" bug means that you can leave the level quickly (the exit is in the bottom-left of the "D"). Almost every wall is hidden, so it's a bugger to navigate.x

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