Title: Legion of the Damned
Filename: levels/doom/j-l/legion.zip
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Date: 03/28/96
Author: Mr Dave Peacock
Description: Earth date - Wedensday, Febuary 12th, 2345.

Back in the labs on Kemois, there is a management meeting to decide who will be worthy of test piloting the new IFTIF (Inter-Flux Time Integration Facility) or in simple terms, the time machine. Seeing as you have single handedly kicked out the Hell spawn from Mars 17 Earth Years ago, (Earth time has become the new standard around which, all other planet time is aranged, a bit like GMT on Earth.) you are one of the canidates for the task. General Waskity has selected a spot from which to launch the IFTIF, quadrent Alpha B, sector J7GH8 - the slums of Kemois.

Now, the Department of Defence has been informed by scientists, that the IFTIF will not send people through space, only time, therefore, quadrent Alpha B, sector J7GH8 was selected because on 12/02/28 it is commonly known that the Hell Spawn were not resident in the area. Military intelligence proves that. Seeing as this is a test flight the Department of Defence did not want to send you in to a populated area. I know, you are thinking, well why don't they send you further back? The reason is that the human body cannot with stand traveling more that 20 years at a time, we think, you may transport back 20 years, and then back another 20 years, but not 40 at once, see?

The area that has been selected for launch is barren, this way the military do not risk sending you into a populated area thus you will meet no resistance and there is no possibility of any encounters of any kind.

Well, you are seated outside the briefing room, you watch the top dogs discussing your future through a partially open door, then, they come out. You are approached, and General Waskity places his hand on your shoulder and says, "Son, you are going to be taking one small step for bioman, and one giant leap for bioman kind." There is a loud round of applause as you smile, you have been waiting for something exciting ever since you came out of therepy as a result of the invasion.

You are sent to the specially constructed IFTIF truck, you see the time pad at one end, you are at the other. All along the walls of the truck there is computer machinary.

The truck sets off for quadrent Alpha B, sector J7GH8.

As you arrive, General Waskity speaks:- "Make us proud son!"

You think to yourself, "military intelligence got me into a mess through the invasion, I hope it is more accurate now. I hope there is nothing out there except the pad home."

They then walk out of the truck and seal the door. All you have to do is walk over to that time pad......let's hope that there is no building, just a desert!!!!


Eerie, dungeon/castle type level designed for one player, or co-operative play. Many cool features, including DOOMs Donut eater! Will be used as E1M2 for a 9 level episode that I am working on. DEVINC.WAD is going to be E1M1. I will port it over to DOOM II soon. Lookout on this same FTP site for it.
Credits: id Software for DOOM/DOOM II. Matthew Ayers for WADED. Whoever sampled the Nirvana midi that I used. The people behind DCK. The people behind MIDI2MUS. Bill Neisius for DMMUSIC. Obituary, death metal band, for being great.
Base: New level from scratch.
Build time: 10.5 hours
Editor(s) used: WADED, DMMUSIC, DCK, MIDI2MUS.
Bugs: None - please report any you find to me at the above E-Mail address.
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Poor, and a poor advert for the author's forthcoming "9 level episode" (which doesn't seem to have ever happened). It's basically a rote set of flat square rooms, same height, with an outdoors bit. You collect all three keys and then exit. The most exciting design feature is a twisty corridor. No detail, gameplay no more exciting than any set of square rooms with monsters in.x
tl;dr x
Blah Blah Blah, Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah!x

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