Title: Legion Down Under
Filename: levels/doom/j-l/legion2.zip
Size: 122.61 KB
Date: 12/03/04
Author: Jim McColm
Description: Your mission is to secure a strange bunker in the Australian outback where many comrads have vanished. You parachute in to a small court yard and immediately realize the only way out is DOWN! Two mysterious stairways disappear into the stench filled ground. You don't feel so hot... yet!

This wad was made for a single player but I played it with another via modem and it worked fine. Was lots of fun! Also it has its own original music, written and performed by my brother John, which is GREAT!(Yes- this is an objective opinion.)
Credits: id Software - (The Doom People) Colin Reed - (BSP Node Builder) Raphael Quinet - (DEU) Brendon Wyber - (DEU) John McColm - (yes he's my brother) for his hard work on the original music. It's terrific!
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU and BSP node builder
Bugs: none (Let me no if you find any)
Rating: (8 votes)
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For early 1994, this pwad has intricate design and varied areas. I liked the windows that showed later parts of the map. The only problem I had was that the lift section broke in ZDoom 2.6.1. The textfile allows others to modify this map, so I'd like to see someone redo this for another tune-up project. 3.5/5x
is really goodx
This is from June 1994. It's very good for the period, and still pretty fun today, although a bit too cramped and mazey to be a classic. The design is intricate and varied, rather than being just a lot of random rooms. It's basically symmetrical, but diverse enough for this not to matter. There's a fair amount of action. A previous reviewer mentions "special actions"; I don't think there are any (although you have to walk over some trigger lines).x
"Known Bugs: none" Not really. I found a few missing textures. As for the map, some decent design and playability here. Also, how did you get those special actions (Barons opening a door when you kill them) to work? :O 4/5x

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