Filename: levels/doom/j-l/lights.zip
Size: 37.44 KB
Date: 01/19/95
Author: Jeff Wofford
Description: This is certainly my finest level thus far. I designed this level with the single player in mind, but the level is especially engaging when used as a deathmatch arena, so either type of player should find it a treat. The level features complex and realistic lighting effects which add tension and ambience to the level. It is quite a difficult level in Ultra- Violence mode, but I have been thorough in providing easier situations for lower skill levels. Prepare to jump with fear more than a few times in this level: I've used some surprise techniques which I have not seen used elsewhere in the DOOM .WAD world, and if an essential element of your hair style is to make all your hair stand on end, this is the .WAD for you.
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basic, but good, old school map. Worth a play.x
Quite a nice classic, no-frills level. Check it out!x

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