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Just that "old feel" DOOM levels....Date:10/30/95
Size:761.87 KB

E1M8 Replacement
I got bored and made this WAD. It's a replacement for E1M8, as hinted by the title. First foray into vanilla mapping....Date:10/11/14
Size:25.51 KB

A moderately-sized techbase heavily inspired by Ultimate Doom episode 2 (especially Deimos Lab). The difficulty is easy/medium, and is a 5-10 minute play. This is designed for single player, but functions well in cooperative too. As this is my firs...Date:03/15/06
Size:86.37 KB
Author:Ryan Barreras (DomRem)

The Madness of Mergatroid
Well, this is a very impressive episode including 9 _excellent_ levels. All the levels in this episode were created by myself, excluding e1m5, which was designed by a friend. We feel that any DOOM fanatic will enjoy this episode and will be comp...Date:03/10/03
Size:326.77 KB

MADNESS.WAD a level for coop play...Date:06/08/05
Size:50.43 KB
Author:Patrick Woods

This is really good stuff for all those, who love playing DOOM just because it's fun! I put in some nice things to get and its a full level with all keys. Since this is my first level, i'm expecting some bugs, although i'd only found one. So, if you ...Date:02/14/95
Size:365.75 KB
Author:DiD 1995

Episode 2 themed techbase level and 5th of a series of 9 maps, harder than Centrum and level name can mean curse, condemnation or slander. Finding any secrets with the higher tier weapons will greatly help you with the final battle at the end of the ...Date:08/06/09
Size:132.22 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Replaces e1m1. Not much harder than the original. This is the first level of what I hope to be a complete episode when I'm done....Date:05/25/94
Size:33.74 KB
Author:K. Mandix

This picture was created using 3d Studio V3. It used 27 procedural textures and took 28 weeks to render on a Pentium 100 PC with 640k. It has over 200000000 faces and 30000000000000 vertices. It was scaled down from 100000 by 2000000 pixels to 50 by ...Date:05/26/05
Size:67.47 KB
Author:Andrew Harbour

The Manor
A castle with moats firplaces gaurds secret passage ways and a dungeon but if you really want more of a description play it!...Date:08/24/97
Size:98.9 KB
Author:Michael-Paul Jakovlevski (don't try to pronunce it!)

This was my first wad, designed six months ago. It is not a huge level; I intended it to be map 1 of a full episode, but I haven't had the free time to finish (what with DOOM2, Descent, RotT, Dark Forces, Heretic, and Magic Carpet :)). It is, IMHO, a...Date:01/24/95
Size:54.67 KB
Author:Jason Scanlin

The government has of late taken a certain interest in a wealthy socialite whom they believe is dabbling in the black arts. You have been chosen to investigate his dealings. The door closes behind you... This is a big level. It is my first level an...Date:08/09/95
Size:51.32 KB
Author:Hans Scheithauer

Man Trap Ver. #2 All bugs fixed
Watch where you may be your last. You find yourself in a training facility where all good soldiers die? To escape, you will need your wits and strength (plus good shooting) to live to tell about it. There are teleporters, secret pas...Date:02/23/96
Size:54.2 KB
Author:Chris Espinosa

the pit, crossroads and hellkeeper
See for youe self....Date:10/23/95
Size:24.54 KB

This level is rather small, but nevertheless fun. The first room is inspired by Doom II map 01. To get the red key, you must do some running. BTW: I'm not very creative in naming my levels... :-)...Date:06/10/06
Size:21.87 KB

Marine Base E1M1
A Marine Base on a distant outpost, taken over by the Hordes of Hell. Although saved as E1M1, it is probably a better replacement for E1M4 or E2M2. It includes an exit to the secret level, but it's tough to find. The regular exit takes a bit of ...Date:07/24/94
Size:59.76 KB
Author:Chris Boote

Marque of the Beast
You have been assigned to investigate a distress call from the UAC experimental weapons lab in the mountians of Peru. Upon arrving, you find a bloodbath; the bodies of your comrades lie strewn everywhere, and the base is deathly quiet. The enitre lab...Date:07/27/04
Size:65.26 KB
Author:Sam K. Ellis III

Hall of Marble 1.1
Mostly a single player or cooperative level, but can also make a good deathmatch. I have spent most of the time trying to make it look good rather than make it difficult to complete, but don't expect it to be to easy ;-). Version 1.1 has a few c...Date:01/02/96
Size:101.5 KB
Author:Markus Wahlén

The Marble Maze - Doom I version
Oh, about the level--it's very big but it should be fast even on slower computers. I designed it more for style than difficulty, so you hardened DOOMers may be able to do this in your sleep. But watch out, there are a few unkind surprises! All weap...Date:11/27/00
Size:40.44 KB
Author:Scott Earnest

My House and then some
This is basically my house with the pool (grin) and an extra bit, there are no fancy trimmings to this level, just a shit load of bad guys in my house for those trigger happy maniacs. Blow them away !! Version 1.1, fixed some textures!...Date:06/12/94
Size:29.9 KB
Author:Jean-Marc Lalouette

There isn't much of a story, but here goes. Your at the UAC supermaket, (Voted best market by 3 out of 4 space marines!) and people start coming in left and right. Then you remember there was a sale today. Once you were shoulder to shoulder with peop...Date:07/11/96
Size:73.54 KB
Author:Mike Bedwell

This WAD is a big area good for multiplayer NETDOOM. It's got tons of weapons and no armor---- so be prepared to die LOTS! We've been playing it around here for a few days, and the matches can easily last >>>1 hr....Date:05/12/94
Size:8.7 KB
Author:Mark Griswold

A Very unique Level for DOOM....Date:02/03/98
Size:123.19 KB
Author:William Green
Size:9.99 KB
Size:30.13 KB

Pretty simple, no real puzzles, just action....Date:05/12/94
Size:39.78 KB
Author:The Harbinger of Sorrow

Massacre on Deimos
As you kill the last of the Barons on Phobos, you hear a crackle over your communicator. It's information (and of course, orders) from Earth. The General informs you that the invasion was not limited to the Phobos facility, but that Deimos was also i...Date:05/29/96
Size:79.83 KB
Author:Jason Lewis

Matt's House V2.1
They laughed when you said the world was going to be overrun with monsters. Now they're dead. And you're not...Yet. Race through a 3-level house, trying to stay alive. No one said it was going to be easy....Date:03/06/96
Size:84.49 KB
Author:"Kamikazi" Chris Niggel

Take on hell spawn in a highschool setting you could only find in DOOM. The level is fully equiped with lockers (with strange contents), teachers (Ha! take THIS Mrs. Bolton! BOOM!), students (poor saps, put them out of their misery), a floating princ...Date:03/19/95
Size:135.91 KB
Author:Jason Franklin

Maximum Baddies Mission 1-1
LARGE wad with several MEAN battlefields one of which is appropriately coffin shaped. Even on skill 1 you won't get lonely for baddies!...Date:09/03/94
Size:46.72 KB
Author:Jeff Kendall

Maxcastl: The Most Massive Wad
Inspired by NJ_CASTL.WAD, much of the integrity of the original level has been maintained, except that it is HUGE. I opened up many of the void spaces on the map to make passages and secret rooms. ... There are many ways to approach certain areas, an...Date:05/12/06
Size:187.48 KB
Author:Max Thrott

Mayan Temple
This is an upgraded version of Mayan666. Mayan667 is based on the architecture of the ancient Mayan civilization. There is a large open area containing four buildings, three of which are pyramids. In the center is a sunken court where a kind of soc...Date:12/13/94
Size:271.44 KB
Author:Paul Turnbull

Needless to say, this is my first level. I think I did a pretty good job but if I were able to force myself to look at the DEU screen again and make another level it would be way better. The best thing about my level is that the secrets aren't all co...Date:04/01/97
Size:62.88 KB
Author:Tovi Grossman

This is my first PWAD. I dont know why I named it maze..mebbe becuz it contains a small wanna-be maze. I would REALLY appreciate your comments..this being my 1st PWAD I am anxious to find out how I did. So PLEASE e-mail me ...Date:06/08/94
Size:33.33 KB
Author:Ghazanfar Khan Ghori

A small maze, a few surprises....Date:07/27/98
Size:14.78 KB
Author:Robert Larkin

Size:51.2 KB
Author:Scott Ashley

Fair big....Date:05/16/96
Size:39.53 KB
Author:"Spooky" John Bye

Mark & Dave are sad lonly individuals
The single player version of the beginnings of a DeathMatch episode designed for 2 player DeathMatch. (As these are DeathMatch levels originaly they have no flow, or general feel to them. They are just a fun blast)...Date:08/16/99
Size:108.38 KB
Author:Mark Burlison

A drop in for one of the tougher episode one levels....Date:05/12/94
Size:20.27 KB
Author:Curtis Turner II

VERY old doom1 episode that I made some time in 95 (I think)...Date:12/17/98
Size:611.17 KB

It's a fast moving adventure with lots of monsters, hidden goodies, secret rooms, and a few traps. Many hours were spent creating and playtesting. It's an E3M5 substitution. Supports single and multiplayer or Deathmatch mode. Difficulty settings are ...Date:05/23/05
Size:41.44 KB
Author:Carolyn Schulenburg

Medicine Man (MEDMAN27.WAD)
Not much to say. Second WAD I've done. BADBLU34 was the first--nothing but a carnagefest. This one was a try at the special effects; if you love teleporters you'll like it. As you play, watch the map develop... Hence, the name....Date:06/08/05
Size:64.74 KB
Author:Kim Markworth

The Mega Maze
One day you were put in charge of a top secret government base. You went to the security room. Security cameras were setup all over the area. You got a can of Mountain Dew from the machine. As you began to put the first quarter in the machine, you he...Date:04/08/96
Size:325.46 KB
Author:Jeremy Wagner

Megalab.wad and Megawatt.wad
After too many hours I have finally completed my second complete external wad file for use with the registered version of Doom. As promised, the zip file also contains a re-release of my first wad megawatt.wad. This new version of megawatt has t...Date:05/12/94
Size:112.47 KB
Author:Casey Miller

A fairly simple level with a couple of tricks in it, good for all modes of gameplay. Watch out for the Spectres in the darker areas......Date:05/12/94
Size:26.27 KB
Author:Kenneth S. Forte

Having just discovered the secret entrance to the long lost unholy temple of Memphis you must proceed to infiltrate and destroy the remaining unholy hosts, then escape with your life. The authors recommend playing ultra violence, unless yer a fucking...Date:05/22/94
Size:71.5 KB
Author:David Mansfield and Karl LaRocca

You teleport to UAC base on some planet. I took the title from a hentai manga because I couldn't come up with anything....Date:06/21/14
Size:388.78 KB

/\/\ental's Aftermath
This level is unique in its own way. It has a lot of kewl features. I made a bunch of lifts, and self opening doors....Date:12/24/96
Size:12.15 KB
Author:Lee Pennington (Mental On Undernet)

Larger than average WAD set in Sci-Lab Environment. Fighting is tempered with a few puzzles.....Date:12/02/05
Size:65.47 KB
Author:Jon Saloga

In the Mess of it
mole doom episode 1: this is a 9 level mapset for doom 1. it replaces episode 1. there isn't really any plot aside from the standard doom plot. it's got 8 maps and one secret level. if you want a plot i'll make one up: you play john ninmole. a scient...Date:03/19/18
Size:448.58 KB

Metal Vault
You've been sent to investigate and clear a mysterious hellish vault that got raised on Phobos. Your task is to clear the area of demonic resistance and proceed forward to the logical end. Beware that not everything you need will be in plain sight!...Date:04/15/15
Size:33.11 KB
Author:Ioan Chera

MEV2_i.WAD (DOOM I -- E1M2) MEV2_ii.WAD (DOOM II -- Map2)
This wad is designed for the BEST use with DEATHMATCH 2.0 (it's great, but not required...) This is the 2nd DEATHMATCH WAD in the MEV series. (The DOOM II version is recommended, as it has the SSGun! ...and is a bit more refined...zzz) This level...Date:01/31/95
Size:134.91 KB
Author:Michael E. Videki

These are the DEATHMATCH wads for the first two levels in the MEV series, for both DOOM I and II. (The D2 version is recommended, as it has the Super Shotgun! Oh...and is a bit more refined.) These levels are designed for BEST play with DEATHMATCH ...Date:03/20/95
Size:146.5 KB
Author:Michael E. Videki

A rather simple level for killing fun. I has some cool up-and-down moving floors....Date:04/13/07
Size:23.13 KB

You have been sent on a covert mission to SouthEast Asia to rescue some of your old buddies from 'Nam. When you find them, they have changed. Now there is only one way to save them from their horrible fate. And what about Col. Smith?...Date:07/05/94
Size:61.82 KB
Author:Rick Kelly

Set the mood here....Date:06/24/94
Size:42.98 KB
Author:Mick Fink

[BBS file description:] MIKE8.ARJ 17300 07-07-94 DOOM Wad file created using DEU 5.0 & 5.1. Has few enemies or bonus items but could be used as the start of a good deathmatch level Files: 1 Oldest: 5/9/94 Newest: 5/9/94...Date:04/13/07
Size:16.03 KB

Diemos Military Base (Ultimate Doom/ Doom I)
Your in an abandoned military base on Diemos. Same old story. Blah Blah Blah invasion. Blah Blah Blah hell takes over. Blah Blah Blah....Date:06/20/97
Size:8.31 KB
Author:Andy Iafrate

Visit Follow the links to "The MINECORE Story"...Date:11/20/97
Size:247.82 KB

Imagine you come across a mine shaft. A well guarded mine shaft at that. Are you brave enough to venture in? Lots of hidden doors, traps, and teleports. BIG HINT: You need both keys to get out of this level, and they aren't easy to find! GOOD LUC...Date:04/13/07
Size:28.4 KB
Author:Michael C.J. Hannon (-==-) M06C29H94

A very complicated DOOM map with many secret areas, and much more. You can see the demo, which demonstrates strategy on how to survive and shows one secret area....Date:01/03/05
Size:102.4 KB
Author:Matej Kurpel

Ultimate Crush (The Crusher)
Lots'o crushing ceilings.. lots of blood.. fun for the whole family.....Date:07/29/94
Size:18.97 KB
Author:Moldy Crouton (Matthew James) E1M1 Terminator (Matt Bernard) E1M2

Funny joke-wad, that will give you something to laugh. Pink status bar, new Title-screen, reversed Doom-Logo (MooD instead of DooM), new sounds, music and three levels....Date:09/22/04
Size:416.62 KB
Author:Aaron Flatten (bugfixed and re-released by Funduke)

MooN's Land
This file was created in my spare time for fun....Date:07/06/94
Size:28.46 KB
Author:Jason Lewis

Kills you faston U.V., but not by overwhelming you by enemies. You'll see. I'm working on an entire episode, so I would apreciate some feedback on this level, what you liked, what you didn't like, you know stuff like that....Date:07/02/00
Size:58.12 KB
Author:Orin Flaharty

Morbid Scream
ehe this is a death match level in caotic style, sets principally in a moon base... have fun...Date:07/27/05
Size:514.47 KB
Author:Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri

This level is the revision of 11inhell.wad. If you are a fan of that one, then delete it and use this instead. This level was built _just_ for deathmatches. It has several _main_ rooms with numerous sniper spots, teleports, and visial effects. It tak...Date:05/12/94
Size:54.22 KB
Author:Josh Fallon a.k.a. Phallus

"You are shoved roughly through the door, and you don't even have time to watch it slam shut behind you as a nearby guard punches a hole in your leg with a well placed bullet. They said you were free to go, but you didn't know you'd have to run this ...Date:09/29/96
Size:36.8 KB
Author:Josie Austin

Stepping into the elevator after a hard days work at the widget factory, you suddenly find yourself magically transported to the magical land of DOOM, where, greeted by the local denizens, you set off on a mystical journey down the yellow brick road....Date:06/28/96
Size:42.69 KB

A large level with graphics added, pause to look at the scenery or stare at the clouds. No hurry, you have a long way to go. Developed for Single play. Difficulty settings control enemy encounters. At all skill levels the same puzzles exist. No ...Date:07/29/95
Size:124.26 KB
Author:Larry Ludwick

A sequel and tribute to an ancient wad called 'Motion'. I tried to keep the same theme and style, and feel i succeeded. This is NOT meant as a jokewad, I only tried to create as accurate a sequel as I could. Of course this means the map is ugly, but ...Date:09/22/03
Size:95.84 KB
Author:Owen "Sarge Baldy" Lloyd

Summit of Oblivion
You find yourself in a hellish valley with a pulsating red sky..the only way to go is in. You find yourself in a computer control center that's infested with creatures that could only have come from Hell itself. You must fight your way to the summit ...Date:07/27/94
Size:130 KB
Author:Eric Aamodt and Dave Crampton

Mountain of the Cannibal God
This is my first ever WAD, built over the course of three days while learning the various principles. Overall i dont think it turned out too badly; and you'll be pleased to know that despite the fact that its my first WAD, it does not contain a cyber...Date:01/08/04
Size:66.3 KB
Author:Duncan Rule

This is a big one! modern bases and alien planet surroundings....Date:04/16/13
Size:44.65 KB
Author:Maarten Pinxten

Medium level with some nice features added. Run for the supercharge!...Date:04/16/13
Size:27.37 KB
Author:Maarten Pinxten

A large Doom level with lotsa dudes and sneaky secrets....Date:04/16/13
Size:41.88 KB
Author:Maarten Pinxten

Meep Keep, level one
It's been almost twenty years since you were | scheduled to beam in at Hell Keep, and it has been | remodelled by adherents to the school of FIREBLUA....Date:03/09/13
Size:73.87 KB
Author:Zan-zan-zawa-veia of AANAAANAAANAAANA.NET

Size:43.79 KB
Author:Michael Rapp

Size:47.41 KB
Author:Michael Rapp

Size:91.01 KB
Author:Michael Rapp

None, I use a mission based on the music to set the mood...Date:02/08/05
Size:33.34 KB
Author:Michael Rapp

Mt Doom Wad
[BBS file description:] MTDOOM.ZIP 76,251 08-16-94 Mt Doom Wad, Nice Music, Good Layout....Date:04/13/07
Size:72.91 KB

MNTFIRE.WAD - `Wasteland: Mountain of Fire'
the setting is inside a volcano: there are corridors, rooms and some larger areas. Overall the level should run smoothly on all machines. The creation of this WAD was made possible by the two great programs called DEU 5.1 and BSP 1.1 (dmgraph ...Date:05/25/94
Size:95.32 KB
Author:Alberto BARSELLA

MTH.WAD - `March to Hell'
Size:137.47 KB
Author:Wes Rath (PumpkinSmasher)

Modified specifically for the co-op game!...Date:12/27/94
Size:390.06 KB
Author:Dave Swift

This one is set up for a quick moving marine, Co-Op is Definately an advantage here. Set Up For 1 - 4 Players. I've been working towards making the Mud levels, which are all really full of monsters, run faster on your machine through creative monster...Date:12/31/94
Size:43.84 KB
Author:Dave Swift

MUDWADS - The Infiltrator (v. 1.1, v. 1.2, v. 1.3)
I've tried real hard to create a smooth and interesting environment for the ultimate struggle. Hard but possible to do with a little effort and a BFG!...Date:05/12/06
Size:619.19 KB
Author:Dave Swift

This my first attempt at building my own level, and I think it came out pretty well. Let me know what you think. Too easy? Too hard? Cool? Uncool?...Date:02/04/95
Size:39.65 KB
Author:Dexter Gresh

The usual, Explore, Kill and Survive!...Date:08/09/99
Size:55.48 KB
Author:Mark Veronese

Caving DOOM style!...Date:07/06/94
Size:96.98 KB
Author:Lawrence Britt

Monsters that appear out of nowhere, transporters that get you so disoriented you don't know which way is up. More beasts than you can shake a stick at. Have Fun!!!...Date:07/26/98
Size:24.1 KB
Author:Robert Larkin

Museum I
Welcome to the first WAD in the museum series. You must search for the exit, while paying particular attention to the exhibits and the guards who are trying to blow your head off. Have a nice day....Date:08/25/12
Size:24.98 KB
Author:Midnight Blue
A new Wad (for single-player Doom, feel free to add other players starts). Good luck, and have a Good Dooming ! Send me any LMPs with 100% kills ......Date:05/12/94
Size:38.8 KB
Author:Denis Auroux
A brand new WAD, for hours of intense DOOMing......Date:05/12/94
Size:48.35 KB
Author:Denis Auroux

Hell in the Household
I got a coupla DOOM editors, and decided to make my house. With a little bit more carnage and Satanism....Date:03/22/96
Size:60.32 KB
Author:Dexteron, Destroyer of Men's Laces

Home Sweet Home
Is cool man!...Date:05/24/96
Size:80.74 KB
Author:Ingo Oppermann

70 Neponset St. in hell
what my house would look like if it was taken over by fiends....Date:05/23/05
Size:507.22 KB
Author:Dominic Anello
here is a small collection of DOOM 1 levels that I made long ago.Before I evolved to quake. sat.wad is the 1st episode, it sucks. niftylvl.wad is the second episode. It has some of the better levels I have made the e3mx ones all contain bosses. ...Date:07/16/97
Size:467.75 KB

My World
Replaces E1M1;written for single player but there are deathmatch/multi-player slots....Date:07/25/95
Size:44.72 KB
Author:Brian Campbell

Here is my second WAD for DOOM (tm)1. Scroll down for more DIZ...Date:03/21/95
Size:161.61 KB

Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Paviljon
Walk-through (too young to die) of replica of real place design by famous architect. If you don't know the place, you rather shoot some sergants (hurt me plenty) or some cacode- mons (ultra-violence) !!!!...Date:09/11/94
Size:27.7 KB
Author:Jussi Karjalainen

A nice/nasty deathmatch with the big weapons (rocket/plasma) being easy to get to, but *VERY* hard to use to any effect (ie. you can't see where you're shooting). Lots of frags, lots of shooting people in the back. There isn't a level exit, so don'...Date:05/27/94
Size:3.83 KB
Author:James Ojaste

Nathrath's Fab Four
A pack of four levels that can be played WITHOUT the use of god mode (well, except when playing "ultra violent"...). Great emphasis has been laid on design and sphere. Enjoy!...Date:07/05/94
Size:169.98 KB
Author:Bjorn Hermans & Holger Nathrath

Neck-Deep In The Dead
I was going to make some 9 maps for the E1 in E1 theme, but I only made one....Date:10/15/04
Size:46.48 KB

Necropolis lvl1
Enter the mysterious city of the dead!...Date:03/05/96
Size:221.53 KB
Author:Terrence Morquecho

Wear negative armor!
To run this, obtain Doom v1.1 and type in command prompt: doom.exe -devparm -file negarmor.wad -wart 1 9 Registered Doom v1.1 was my first game in Doom universe and I have messed a lot with it before I've got my first Internet connection. This is...Date:02/16/16
Size:2.25 KB
Author:cybermind aka Mistranger

A um.. I don't know, I suck at describing stuff. My best map yet though, hope you enjoy. I recommend you run it on something compatible with doom.exe demos, as stx-Vile made a very nice maxrun....Date:01/03/04
Size:331.69 KB
Author:Owen "Sarge Baldy" Lloyd

My first attempt at creating a level. Basically an exercise in trying new things, but there are some interesting areas. This is the first of a continuing series, and in it, the player gains access for the first time to the subterranean boatyard. Try ...Date:07/18/94
Size:47.02 KB
Author:Bill "Datasquid" Bessette (7/94)

New episode 5: Back to the Cruel <- THE Partial Conversion for Doom!
You have beaten the evil Spiderdemon who masterminded just his own invasion in the "Thy flesh Consumed". Now invasion is over and you are traveling back to home with your space ship. But when you fly over the Mars something STRONG power suck you down...Date:10/11/97
Size:1.07 MB

Nerves Of Steel (DOOM 1 Version)
Doom 1 Version of Nerves Of Steel. This is your basic computer station with CRAY supercomputers, and various other control centers....Date:09/24/95
Size:78.34 KB
Author:Larry Rhodes

I have created this WAD file from scratch, just after making about 400 WADs that were messed up because I didn't understand exactly how things in DEU worked (this means that I used DEU 5.0 for this) This level is really designed to be played over a n...Date:05/12/94
Size:20.32 KB
Author:Chris Schultz

A really cool castle wad. NEVER is a REAL challenge in UV. There are some tough secrets to find, and there are tons of baddies. Death matchers should have a blast as well as singles. So what's the description? Get the wad and check it out! Compared t...Date:12/04/94
Size:208.82 KB
Author:Brian Martin

After quite a lot of late nights, I have finished my second level (after ambush.wad). This one is bigger... In short, it contains a lot of traps, including a few that YOU can set up for the enemy, many nice light- effects, and, if not careful, a...Date:05/12/94
Size:60.27 KB
Author:Mattias Widmark

This WAD replaces the existing E1 secret level with a more bonus type level....Date:05/23/05
Size:3.54 KB
Author:Dominic Anello

blah blah blah... PLAY THIS WAD!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, this is names after my favorite ale...Date:03/03/96
Size:17.21 KB
Author:T J Lucas

A large single level cityscape for single or multi-player games....Date:03/25/96
Size:201.31 KB
Author:Chris Spain

New Day
This is far from my first wad and my testers have told me that this is my best. It's pretty big with both big open areas and a few cramped rooms. It was designed with DEATHMATCH in mind from the beginning and features light switches in some rooms mak...Date:09/09/94
Size:50.08 KB
Author:Jason Whittington

Size:1.36 MB

NewDoom v1.10
NewDoom will convert some of the main graphics in Doom, like the Weapons, Bad Guys, Wall and Door type Graphics, and even sounds. NewDoom can also be taken off if you want too....Date:01/06/97
Size:972.07 KB

Sci-Tech Fortress
Okay, so your military outpost has lost contact with the sci-lab on a nearby planet. You are sent to investigate. Generally this level have very little ammo and you will most definately have to take some time to find the hidden doors to get to it! HI...Date:05/13/96
Size:40.9 KB
Author:Chris Pascal

Hey I hope you like this new Doom level I created using Doomed V 2.6b. I hope you have as much fun playing it as I did making it. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, feel free to email me at Have fun!!...Date:01/17/05
Size:42.08 KB

Doom Press Release v2.0
A remake of the Doom Press Release. I have converted the maps from the Doom Press Release version to work with vanilla doom. I have also included the original unfinishable version of the Unholy Cathedral. The map from the Doom Press release. E1M2 -...Date:04/11/06
Size:144.07 KB
Author:John Cartwright

New Doom Level: Episode 2 Level 1
Here is yet another new level for DOOM. If you're like me there can never be enough new levels. It is a brand new level that I made with DEU 5.0 which is a fantastic editor. This is the second distribution of this level. The first one had a few bugs ...Date:02/04/05
Size:21.82 KB
Author:Steve Rountree

Welcome to my Nightmare E1M1 - DOOMed and Confused E1M2 - Three Lock Box
These are our FIRST levels. They should suit even the most DOOMish of players....Date:05/21/05
Size:491.82 KB
Author:Ken Flynn

My first try, so please be jentle. If you have any suggestions or comments please let me know....Date:05/18/94
Size:51.8 KB
Author:Erik Badger

The environment is the same which took place in a house which I lived most of my life, except it's nighttime!!! The effects are enhanced with blinking lights, dark areas, and an additional new graphic of the sky---stars!!!...Date:03/03/97
Size:60.3 KB
Author:Guy M. Babin

Death by shotgun wound...
As you and your friends are preparing for the drop to the planet your scanners keep repeating Mwa HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!!!!! Then your comunications and radar officer yells "The OutPost is Gone!! There is only a Space Station!!!" Your commander tells you an...Date:12/14/95
Size:21.32 KB
Author:Nicholas "shotgunnin" Burr

Nick Doom, Secret Agent
You are Nick Doom, former Space Marine and one of the few live veterans of the Hellspawn War, now a crack Corporate Security Operative for good old UAC. The trail of some stolen high- tech equipment and rumors of a zombie-run scientific lab lead you ...Date:08/27/98
Size:61.21 KB
Author:David M. Chess

Death Night
**** Optimised for DEATHMATCH 2.0 **** This wad is designed for three to four player deathmatch. This Wad has been extensively play tested, and has proven to remain interesting over long periods of play. It is also in strong contention for inclusion ...Date:09/21/94
Size:52.15 KB
Author:Andrew Scarvell

NIGHTFALL!!!! nightfal.wad
Night has finally fallen, and all Hell has broken loose! You wake up in a pool of blood watching your buddy get tortured... You'll put an end to that! Watch out as you go outside, and collect everything needed to open the last door that leads to a sa...Date:06/14/94
Size:186.18 KB
Author:Josh Fallon aka "Phallus"

Not my first level, but the first one that I consider playable enough to release. It's a smallish outdoor level with lots of catwalks....Date:06/16/94
Size:34.21 KB
Author:Myles Williams

Nine Inch Nails
This is my first stab at a serious doom...Date:06/19/95
Size:327.47 KB
Author:Jason Staples

Size:40 KB
Author:Elie Charest

My first WAD. Designed for single player, multiple player or Deathmatch modes (has 5 start points). All creatures appear in all dificulty levels. It's map size is limited due to it's construction being done with the Shareware Version of DMapedit....Date:05/23/94
Size:6.83 KB
Author:Nigel Wright (alias NiTrO)

My Second WAD. Designed for single player, multiple player or Deathmatch modes (has 5 start points). All creatures appear in all dificulty levels....Date:06/11/94
Size:28.86 KB
Author:Nigel Wright (alias NiTrO)

Come Out Fighting The Enjay replacement for "DOOM" "Knee Deep in the Dead".
On the far side of Phobos the remains of an earlier civilisation had been found in the mountains. The artefacts left by the beings that had lived there indicated Devil worship. What better place to build a base to investigate an inter-dimensional por...Date:01/19/05
Size:430.57 KB
Author:Nigel Rowand (Enjay)

NJ Shores of Hell
Olde replacement for The Shores of Hell - my first "Mega-ish" WAD. Released purely because of interest in old, cheesy 1994 WADS. This is probably not the first version of this file, but an early revision. I no longer have the original which I think...Date:04/05/06
Size:330.14 KB
Author:Nigel "Enjay" Rowand

NJ Original WADs
Olde levels made many years ago. My first 2 WADs. Released purely because of interest in old, cheesy 1994 WADS. The file date may or may not be accurate. This file was originally uploaded to the Compuserve action games forum in 1994. There may ha...Date:04/05/06
Size:98.81 KB
Author:Nigel "Enjay" Rowand

The Bridge of Death
Cross that bridge, and die! Better take :a moment and think before you assault that :bridge, or it may be your last moment....Date:05/17/94
Size:26.39 KB
Author:Patrick Wickwire

Size:502.84 KB

Size:615.49 KB

Needs More Detail
A deliberately underdetailed E1-styled episode made for playing....Date:04/11/08
Size:271.79 KB

Needs More Detail II
A deliberately underdetailed episode 2 replacement with short to medium sized levels....Date:05/11/08
Size:305.67 KB

This is my first PWAD. I dont know why I named it nocheat.wad. I would Like to have responess and your comments..this being my first PWAD. So please e-mail me and tell me what you think about it. Comments...Date:06/30/94
Size:7.07 KB
Author:Wayne Badcock

Nativity of Hell
2 levels made out for the Doom's birthday occasion, based upon good old Shores of Hell twisted base theme, with a change of pace with cavernous dark hell void vistas inspired by Romero's Sigil that meets Shores of Hell in E2M2. At the end of E2M2, i'...Date:12/22/19
Size:135 KB
Author:Walter "daimon" Confalonieri

Journey of No Hope
"Instead of being victorious over the rampaging armies of Hell, you find yourself once again wandering the wastelands, in search of a way out." Designed as if the first level of an entire episode, I instead scrapped the idea of continuing this in f...Date:07/06/04
Size:56.87 KB

Hi! My name is Håkan "Zap" Andersson, from the icy Sweden. DONT PANIC is my first attempt at making a DOOM level. This is NOT a deathmatch or even a multiplayer level! It is a puzzle-solving thinking level with a minimum of monster bashing (minimum...Date:05/15/05
Size:25.53 KB
Author:Håkan "Zap" Andersson

No Relief
A little getaway trip gone wrong......Date:12/28/07
Size:268.96 KB
Author:Pat Tyson

No Sleep for the Dead
This is No Sleep for the Dead, a Doom 1 episode replacement and the spiritual successor to 1997's Dawn of the Dead. This episode features 9 brand new original and consistently themed levels in classic good ol' Doom style. In addition, you receiv...Date:03/20/16
Size:616.77 KB
Author:Jan Van der Veken

Nova started out as a test platform to experiment with cut'n'paste ops and rotation in DEU 5.1, and somehow grew into a deathmatch level. Dark and ominous. And no STARTAN3!...Date:05/17/94
Size:29.34 KB
Author:Bob Lange

No Rest For The Wicked
Seems that the R and R facility on Deimos has been overrun by those nasty critters from Hell. Your mission is simple: if it moves, kill it!...Date:08/15/94
Size:64.32 KB
Author:Boomer T

This level has a little bit of everything to it. Wide-open cavernous areas, hidden corridors, good observation/sniper spots, numerous nooks and crannies to ambush/be ambushed in, and a river of poisoned water. The level is built around a nuclear reac...Date:05/30/94
Size:104.7 KB
Author:Brant M. Sweeny-Katkansky

Nukage base
Short, action-packed map. Vanilla compatible. Please play with jumping DISABLED. Enjoy!...Date:03/12/11
Size:25.62 KB
Author:Jacek Nowak

Nukage Dump
Techbase map replacing E1M3....Date:01/24/11
Size:48.63 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

Nuke Mine (Come Get Some)
It appears that there has been an incident on Nexus 14. Nexus 14 is a mining planet, which basically means its a rock floating in some shitty solar system. Nexus 14 is known across the universe for its rich content of Nuke, a green substance that mak...Date:08/20/94
Size:710.25 KB
Author:Jason Hargreaves

After 40 days and 40 nights of nukeage rain, the sun has finally appeared. Your mission: What do you think? Kick some Demon butt!!...Date:12/24/94
Size:79.25 KB
Author:David J. Hill

Two levels designed for single player and Deathmatch. As you will soon find out, I love levels that are difficult with lots of the tough guys. In fact, you could say I'm obsessed with the idea. The levels have been made small and compact for non-stop...Date:07/27/95
Size:51.12 KB
Author:Craig Webb
This is an E1M1 replacement pwad. It's texture protected against shareware play. Written with DEU 5.0 and run past BSP11x.EXE, it supports 4 players. This level contains only the enemies you might expect to find in an E1M1 - Sargeants and Imps. ...Date:05/12/94
Size:47.81 KB
Ok, this may be a 'bit' overwhelming, and the mechanics may not be that great, but we all have to start somewhere! This .wad file is just basically an arena that IS doable if you keep running. Enjoy it....Date:05/12/94
Size:4.09 KB

What makes this level so interesting is it's 'office'-building highrise design (thus the name). There are 5 floors that are nearly identical. Each floor has an up and down 'elevator' which is actually a teleporter. If you didn't know that doom doesn'...Date:05/25/94
Size:44.68 KB
Author:Joe Kontrad

A horde of monsters has infested the moonbase... ... however - fight back ! There is only one difficulty level but I think it's not too hard to get through this one. Don't be afraid of running out of ammo - there are at least enough shotgun shells to...Date:02/16/99
Size:69.47 KB
Author:Oliver Nowak

Hard times
A tiny little level with a fine layout. Mail me, if you like this wad (or not)....Date:02/16/99
Size:15.65 KB
Author:Oliver Nowak

Oh, Man!
E2M1 :- Oh, Man! This level is pretty difficult. I made it and I can't even get straight through it! Don't give up! It's tough from the very first room, but there IS help nearby. This is my FIRST try at making a WAD and I learned alot doing it....Date:10/08/94
Size:32.23 KB

Oh my!
Ha, ha, ha. You've just been traped in a room full of monsters. One...Date:05/06/98
Size:2.67 KB
Author:Patrick M. Weber

This file contains 6 PWADS for DOOM that, unless I've missed a bug, are without bugs. Intentionally, they are very basic and short. They are intended for the beginning DEU user, and illustrate some techniques that can be used to achieve diffe...Date:04/25/94
Size:12.4 KB
Author:Scott Adams

The Omen
A dark haunting WAD. With much emphasis on horror and the macabre. We tried to make it as gruesome as we could without overdoing it. I think. I've made this WAD file a little less difficult. No hidden exit this time. All the weapons are in plain sigh...Date:12/28/02
Size:46.07 KB
Author:David & Kathy Bruni

A long wad with a cool ending! All automatic doors!...Date:11/14/95
Size:55.23 KB
Author:Brad Bournival

I've tried many a deathmatch level, and for the most part, I've been dissatisfied. Many of the levels I've seen seem too much like 'novelty' levels, not of the quality or style of id's original maps. When I set out to make this level, I tried to ke...Date:12/04/94
Size:14.71 KB
Author:Chris Carollo

This is an attempt to recreate the building where I work as a WAD file - some liberties have been taken with the layout, but it's basically correct. If you came to visit you'd recognise it. This also replaces the first attempt at uploading this wad...Date:12/06/96
Size:58.32 KB
Author:Dave Patrick

The government boasts that Outpost 21 is the home of scientific research that will benefit all humanity. On the surface, Outpost 21 appears to be a peaceful complex that provides its small team of dedicated scientists with living quarters, research l...Date:05/10/94
Size:58.55 KB
Author:Scott Amspoker
This is an experimental PWAD file for use with DOOM. It is rather simple since I cannot generate the nodes structure for anything much more complex than this. This level has been generated entirely by hand. No editors were used to produce it....Date:04/17/94
Size:1.17 KB
Author:Jeff Bird

Orpheus' descent into hell
3 levels of descent into hell, It starts off fairly nice, and gets more and more sick (so I am told). Featuring: Ambushes The lair of the darkness beast The circle of death The abatoir (now you know why all those chainsaws are lying around in hel...Date:06/06/94
Size:64.04 KB

A New Nightmare
This wad replaces episode1 of the ultimate doom. And just for it to be clear: These are very oldscoolish wads with decent 1994 detail. They have nothing new in terms of gameplay. And The hole episode ONLY uses 4 monsters ruling out the barons in the ...Date:06/29/07
Size:381.9 KB

An Episode 1-inspired map, set on a lonely moonbase on Phobos. This is not a "pure" Knee-Deep style map though....Date:03/12/02
Size:71.55 KB
Author:Karthik Abhiram

OTTAWAU.WAD ver 0.9 (pre-release)
You are at Ottawa University and are about to go to the pool for a swim, but......Date:03/21/95
Size:775.04 KB
Author:Jean-Serge Gagnon

Your squad is to beam down to the surface and investigate the sudden loss of communication lines between UAC and a remote command center on the moon Deimos, Enemy activity is suspected. Your squad will eliminate any enemy activity with extreme predju...Date:05/14/94
Size:42.55 KB
Author:Russell Gruber

Oxygen v0.9b
Being the contest-hungry soul that I am, I polished up this beta for a contest going on over at for the best level that's done in the E1 style. I still have to do a little more testing with enemies and objects and all, but it should gi...Date:07/22/01
Size:23.31 KB
Author:Jordan Buck

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