Title: The Madness of Mergatroid
Filename: levels/doom/m-o/madness.zip
Size: 326.77 KB
Date: 03/10/03
Description: Well, this is a very impressive episode including 9 _excellent_ levels. All the levels in this episode were created by myself, excluding e1m5, which was designed by a friend. We feel that any DOOM fanatic will enjoy this episode and will be completely impressed by the work put into it.

Most levels on the Internet suck. It's a fact, but these 9 levels do not suck. id Software, if they ever saw this, would most likely want to know where the two of us were when they were designing the original DOOM levels. It's taken roughly a year to design the levels, in fact...I never planned to have any nice levels...much less a whole episode. It seems that after I figured out how to use DEU that level making just sorda seemed fun, so I designed levels like mad. ...but, I am a perfectionist (in most respects) and therefore I insisted that the levels I designed were no less greater than those in the actual game. I felt that if they could make complex levels, then so can I...and I did :) Most of the levels in here have been zipped and distributed via local BBS, but even those were completely checked and re- checked for bugs/parts I found to be lacking "id" quality. So, what you have here is pure DOOM art. ...not to mention my last DOOM work that will ever be. I am _tired_ of making levels. My creativity is draining (I also want to maintain a life :), etc., so I have decided to stop while I'm ahead.

So, play this all the way through...it is arranged as the original DOOM, smaller/easier levels first which work up in size/difficulty. You will see the quality, and you may also wonder how I kept my sanity...so, have a blast!
Build time: roughly a year
Editor(s) used: The editor of choice has been DEU521GC, until I found a DEU port dubbed DETH, which is even better :) E1M5 was made with the shareware version of DEEP. BSP1.2x was used for nodes on everything except E1M3 and E1M5. BSP1.2x has a bug and wouldn't build E1M3, so it was nodes built with DEEPBSP. Obviously E1M5 was done with DEEPBSP.
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