Title: The Manor
Filename: levels/doom/m-o/manor.zip
Size: 98.9 KB
Date: 08/24/97
Author: Michael-Paul Jakovlevski (don't try to pronunce it!)
Description: A castle with moats firplaces gaurds secret passage ways and a dungeon but if you really want more of a description play it!
Credits: ID doom for having the capablaty to play pwads
Base: New level from scratch (it didn't itch though)
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Deu (duh!)
Bugs: If I knew they were there I'd take care of them!
Rating: (3 votes)
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From the text file: "New level from scratch (it didn't itch though)"... It seems almost every old wad's text file has a joke, weird story or other strange anticdotes in them somewhere.x
This is from March 1997. It's a large castle level, bland and dull. The designer has spent more time making fireplaces and thrones than honing the gameplay, which is dull. You get literally hundreds of rockets even though there are only 189 baddies. Most of the monsters are unable to walk over door lines, so you can kill 'em with impunity. Bugs include a central lift that never comes back down, trapping you forever if you step off it.x
This map sucks. There's no way to get into the "manor". Misaligned textures, hight differences that don't fit, and many more bugs. Waste of a download. Pol. x

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