Title: Man Trap Ver. #2 All bugs fixed
Filename: levels/doom/m-o/mantrap2.zip
Size: 54.2 KB
Date: 02/23/96
Author: Chris Espinosa
Description: Watch where you step...it may be your last. You find yourself in a training facility where all good soldiers go...to die? To escape, you will need your wits and strength (plus good shooting) to live to tell about it. There are teleporters, secret passages and plenty to kill. Just watch your ammo. The secret to escape lies in the bones. Find it and you just might survive to another day. Don't...and you'll just be S.O.L.
Credits: Brad Johnson for getting me involved with this wonderful world and testing my stuff. Dave Podborny for his determination to get through my levels without cheating. My patient wife for understanding my mission.
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: No known bugs...unless you call dying repeatedly a bug!
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Alright to play. Not much visually spectacular happening but a fun map to play.x
A little bit peculiar visually in some places, but quite fun to play, with tricks, traps, and many areas to explore and do battle in.x

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