Title: Marque of the Beast
Filename: levels/doom/m-o/marbeast.zip
Size: 65.26 KB
Date: 07/27/04
Author: Sam K. Ellis III
Description: You have been assigned to investigate a distress call from the UAC experimental weapons lab in the mountians of Peru. Upon arrving, you find a bloodbath; the bodies of your comrades lie strewn everywhere, and the base is deathly quiet. The enitre lab is in total security lockdown mode, and it appears that something HUGE busted in from the ceiling. Your objective is to recover the weapons from the armory, kill any invaders that you find, and make sure that the lab does not remain in enemy hands by finding and activating the self-destruct mechanism.
Base: d on the information in the author's original textfile (including at the end of this document) and by inspecting the wad.
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Editor(s) used: WadAuthor 1.3, DEEP 97, Wintex Plus
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Fun, despite some of the sneaky traps. 4/5x
It's not too bad. I don't care much for pressing computer walls much, as you have no indication that that's what they are there for. ***x
It's a perfectly good map. No need to get lost or stuck, unless you expect everything to be spoonfed to you.x
This is from March 2001. It is E4M4. It's a techbase. I got stuck quite early on because it's one of those levels where you have to press computer wall textures rather than buttons. Elsewhere there are invisible barriers that block your path and a large dark area with flashing lights. You get all the weapons (including the BFG) and a huge load of ammo right at the start, although there are only a hundred and fifty or monsters, mostly sergeants and imps. Poor.x

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