Title: marx1_2.zip
Filename: levels/doom/m-o/marx1_2.zip
Size: 30.13 KB
Date: 05/12/94
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This was E3M1 of HEROES.WAD. This PWAD is incredibly ugly and monotonous with only one texture, and the gameplay is boring. The architecture is surprisingly complex for an early pwad, full of 3D ledges and with no boxy rooms in sight. The HEROES version adds an E4-ish retexture job and some refined gameplay, but this original version is only worth a 2/5.x
Better than marx1_1 (id=81) at least. Yet again the same texture is used throughout the map. The architecture has improved slightly though and gives us a maze-like structure of stairs, lifts and cave like enclosures. I also entered the ammo dump you cannot leave and had to use the noclip code to continue. Did not find it as boring as the other reviewers and gained from it a small amount of fun but not enough to warrant putting this on top of your "wads to play list", no txt file just like marx1_1 2/5.x
Once you check into one of the ammo dumps, you can't get out again. Plus I can see what the previous voter means about boring gameplay and architecture. Boo, hiss.x
This level has the player searching for keys in a mazelike, visually unappealing grey cavern full of imps and some other creatures. Gameplay is fairly boring/annoying, trying not to get lost in all the twists and turns while fighting off the occasional imp or other monster. This level is not nearly the most terrible I have seen, but I still advise you to skip it.x

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