Title: Mark & Dave are sad lonly individuals
Filename: levels/doom/m-o/mb_dtsad.zip
Size: 108.38 KB
Date: 08/16/99
Author: Mark Burlison
Description: The single player version of the beginnings of a DeathMatch episode designed for 2 player DeathMatch. (As these are DeathMatch levels originaly they have no flow, or general feel to them. They are just a fun blast)
Credits: id, and the authors of WinDEU Paint Shop Pro DMgraph DMmusic DMaud BSP 1.2x WadCat Win Fract Wave Studio DShrink Who ever wrote the music (Just found it on a CD somewhere)
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: See credits
Bugs: Rockets go through some walls on level 2. WinDEU crashes when I tell it to XAlign the textures on Frag Fest.
Rating: (4 votes)
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Not hard to rate at all: too amateurish. Personally I wouldn't even consider uploading stuff like this, at least in this build state.x
Hard to rate... Very weird, confusing, buggy (especially e2m2, plus e2m1 seems unfinishable because the YK is impossible to reach) and indeed crude but there are lots of cool ideas. The progression in the first map is pretty clever and it keeps surprising you with interesting room designs. e2m3 and e2m4 are worse but contain some nice novel features for their time. I particuarly liked the descent effect in e2m4, good thinking there. See if you can finish it btw: catching the exit lift is very tricky!x
Just a bunch of pure 1994-style maps. E2M1 and maybe E2M2 are playable on their own right, even if somewhat crude. E2M2 suffers heavily from HOMs and slime trails. E2M3 and E2M4 retain too much DM style, even if there are some novelties (assuming the WADs are much older than 1999) like invisible floors etc. 1/5 -Maesx
Waste of time and diskspace.x

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