Title: Medicine Man (MEDMAN27.WAD)
Filename: levels/doom/m-o/medman27.zip
Size: 64.74 KB
Date: 06/08/05
Author: Kim Markworth
Description: Not much to say. Second WAD I've done. BADBLU34 was the first--nothing but a carnagefest. This one was a try at the special effects; if you love teleporters you'll like it. As you play, watch the map develop... Hence, the name.
Credits: ID, of course (I'd rather play 'em than make 'em) Matt T., for creating DOOMCad Carr T., for endlessly testing my WADs while he shakes his head and says, "Why don't you just let ID do it?" Touche.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 35-40 hours (I lost track)
Editor(s) used: DOOMCad
Bugs: Some tight spots that may grab you; stay away from any corners that look too tight, (as the map fills in you'll understand,) or use IDSPISPOPD.
Rating: (7 votes)
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The Brasilia of Doom levels - looks like a cool groundplan on paper (or the GZdoom textured automap), but then you try getting around inside it. Combat is actually fine for a 1994 level, but the level is horribly awkward to progress through. On a slightly larger scale with much better connectivity, more height variation, and without the obnoxious required "secrets", this could have been a fairly good level for its time.x
This map has some ideas, but goes down struggling in its own enthusiasm. Even for a 1994 map, texture use, ambiance & gameplay are far below meh. BTW1 For trying it, use the map in the embedded zip file, the other is severely broken. BTW2 @ author (voter #2, 5*): nofi, but if you had done some research, then you should have known that a zillion of 1994 maps exist which are lightyears better than this one, so 5* is plain silly. Besides that, 5* self-votes are obviously a no-go and deserve an instant 0*.x
I always thought that women somehow had a better grasp of aesthetics than men. This map must be an exception that proves the above rule. A textbook example of a terribad 1994 WAD. Of the two versions provided, only the September one is playable. The earlier one is incompletable past the yellow key.x
This is incredible. A friend's son told me my silly ancient (I MEAN ANCIENT) wad files were floating around online... I couldn't believe it. So it's true... haaa! Please people, you're rating these things? In 1994 most people didn't even have PC to play these things on and we were trading them via BBS, why on earth would we rate these today? It was amazing that we could non-nerds could even construct them back then. FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY - thank you Brandon for finding these!x
Looked good on paper, didn't it? I think, Carr T. had it right. Zero stars.x

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