Title: Meep Keep, level one
Filename: levels/doom/m-o/mp_kp_01.zip
Size: 73.87 KB
Date: 03/09/13
Author: Zan-zan-zawa-veia of AANAAANAAANAAANA.NET
Description: It's been almost twenty years since you were | scheduled to beam in at Hell Keep, and it has been | remodelled by adherents to the school of FIREBLUA.
Credits: archive.org for maintaining an encapsulating | collection of DOOM add-on CDs from 1994/95! | Plus all the builders of those tools, and the | people who still use them today. | All actual work on this level done by me! =P
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Weeks (of laziness, a real person could have made this in a day)
Editor(s) used: WinDEU, XWE, CUBASIS
Bugs: Nothing crippling; some teleporter traps might dawdle
Rating: (10 votes)

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pointless confused mess from another idiot that thinks it's entertaining to ambush you with hordes of lost souls when you've run out of shells. Into the trash it goes.x
The textures looks strange because this WAD was designed for the v1.666 IWAD. They will not look correctly with the Ultimate DOOM IWAD as it changed TEXTURESx and PNAMES. You can downgrade the UD IWAD to v1.666 or v1.9 registered with LaDoPaTo to see the level the intended way. Good WAD and even better music! Best in OPL3 mode, Choco's OPL2 or General MIDI don't to the track full justice.x
A bit cramped at times, but pretty good overall.x
Cool map with very suitable eerie music. Light on ammo, but in a good way. Features an awesome berserk fight with imps and demons. There are missing textures in the room where you fight the 2 barons, and the choice of the lion switch texture on the ceiling support beam in one of the early rooms is an odd choice, but the gameplay is really good here, definitely worth checking out.x
Zan zan makes doom levels = fuck yes. Mokemoke is best album everx
Same feelings as memfis here. Strange look caused by a lot of dodgy looking textures. But the gameplay is fine and the layout is fun. Needs some touching up, other than that it's a good map.x
I see a lot of weird/broken textures both in prboom-plus and in doom.exe, I wonder if I need an older version of iwad or something? Anyway, it's an interesting and unique level, not really sure how to describe it since it's so different. Definitely worth a look, many new design ideas here.x

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