Filename: levels/doom/m-o/never.zip
Size: 208.82 KB
Date: 12/04/94
Author: Brian Martin
Description: A really cool castle wad. NEVER is a REAL challenge in UV. There are some tough secrets to find, and there are tons of baddies. Death matchers should have a blast as well as singles. So what's the description? Get the wad and check it out! Compared to other 'non-linear' levels, this one is really non-linear. It's also pretty well inter-connected for DM after all the secrets are found. It features the Death Room, a cool outside area where you can jump all over the place, a multi-leveled maze type thing, and the dreaded caco-lair! No stupid switch puzzels or death traps. A straight forward ass kick'n wad.
Credits: deu makers, doom makers, dozer, cooter, pee, and becky
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: 20 minutes or so. ;)
Editor(s) used: deu (and gcc port), RMB, dmmusic, dmaud, neopaint, bsp, midi2mus, dmgraph
Rating: (4 votes)
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Not bad map for its age, large, lots of monsters bland only few rooms have any decorations. Starting area is the best part. Sounds replacement litteraly hurts ears. Map 3/5, Sound 0/5x
Good for 1990s. Many secrets and a lot to shoot. x
This is a very large level from November 1994, with 446 monsters - an enormous amount for the time. The problem is that it's much too simple. There are very few textures, and everything looks incredibly bland; by modern standards it feels like the unfinished shell of a map, and even in 1994 it would have been dull. You spend ages wandering around empty bare square rooms. The only visually striking bit is a large hall with strobing lights. It's just boring.x

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