Title: Doom Press Release v2.0
Filename: levels/doom/m-o/newpress.zip
Size: 144.07 KB
Date: 04/11/06
Author: John Cartwright
Description: A remake of the Doom Press Release. I have converted the maps from the Doom Press Release version to work with vanilla doom. I have also included the original unfinishable version of the Unholy Cathedral. The map from the Doom Press release.

E1M2 - Doom Press Release Nuclear Plant. E1M4 - Doom Press Release Containment Area. E1M5 - The amazing unfinishable Unholy Cathedral.
Credits: The authors of Yadex 1.70 and ID Software.
Base: Converted ID Maps.
Build time: About 6 weeks
Editor(s) used: Yadex-1.70, Warm, wadcat, mkwad.
Bugs: None.
Rating: (7 votes)
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Thanks for converting the levels, but the interesting parts of the beta version are mostly in the way the game behaves differently. Lee Killough did a much more comprehensive job in MBF's beta mode that emulates the beta behavior.x
I suppose we have to review the conversion and not the maps themselves. This emulates the layout of the original maps, and it's easier to play than the original (available from Lee Killough's website). But it doesn't model any of the original Beta's pre-Doom elements - the slow-moving lifts, the pick-up items, the different background and the sparkly imp fireballs for example. So I can only really give it a couple of stars, because it could have been so much more.x
I'm happy that this has not been the final release of Doom, lol. I hate the "Doom Press Releases", because they are unfinished AND awful. 1/5x

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