Title: NJ Shores of Hell
Filename: levels/doom/m-o/nj_soh1.zip
Size: 330.14 KB
Date: 04/05/06
Author: Nigel "Enjay" Rowand
Description: Olde replacement for The Shores of Hell - my first "Mega-ish" WAD. Released purely because of interest in old, cheesy 1994 WADS.

This is probably not the first version of this file, but an early revision. I no longer have the original which I think would be a month or so older. The file date may or may not be accurate. Both the original and this revised file were originally uploaded to the Compuserve action games forum in 1994.
Credits: Full details in original text copied below
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Unknown
Editor(s) used: Various
Bugs: None known, but there will be some
Rating: (10 votes)
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Not quite as good as e1 and e2m3 here deserves a nomination for the ugly map hall of fame.x
well, it's not bad, i kinda liked it but you should replace all episodes for full fun! 4/5x
Fun stuff, even if old. E2M3 is also in the "NJ Original Levels" submission on here. 4/5 -Mr. Chrisx
this map, is just a modified version of enjay zdoom 2001 coop. but ill give it 5 stars even if i dont like it without the rest of the maps, because enjay is a fucking GREAT mapper. keep up the good job man!x
For a 1994 WAD, it's legendary. For modern standards, it's still a very good E2 style episode that's very much recommended for those who like "classic" levels. 4/5x
A true classic. 5/5x
Enjay's WADs are the best. I would actually consider this legendary! - ***** Zackx

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