Title: Nuke Mine (Come Get Some)
Filename: levels/doom/m-o/nukemine.zip
Size: 710.25 KB
Date: 08/20/94
Author: Jason Hargreaves
Description: It appears that there has been an incident on Nexus 14. Nexus 14 is a mining planet, which basically means its a rock floating in some shitty solar system. Nexus 14 is known across the universe for its rich content of Nuke, a green substance that makes a great meat spread, paint thinner or extra firm hair gel. Anyways, the last report from the Nexus 14 communications centre warned of an attack from creatures released through a time-continuem breach (sorry if that's spelled wrong). You have been ordered to go in as survelance only. You are to assess the situation and be out in two hours to report to your commanding officer so that preparations can be made for a counter assault. The only problem is, you think your tough enough to take on the army of creatures yourself. You stupid twit! What makes you think that one person could possibly drive off an entire army of blood sucking demons from Dimension-X? Fine then, go ahead...
Credits: I admit it... I'm a thief. I STOLD some sounds from the aliens sound package and also from the Laura Beyer add on packages (sorry). Deu52: I can't wait for Deu version 6!!! No wait. On second thought, my deu.log is over 300K... HOLY SH*T I'M AN ADDICT! BSP 12x: Couldn't live without it (although I'd like to get my hands on the nodes builder that id uses, it might solve my problems (see bugs section))
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: deu, bsp, dmmusic, dmgraph, dmaud, wt100 graphic workshop and even paintbrush for Windows too!
Bugs: I had some real node building problems in missions 7 and 8. Try as I could, there are some HOM effects (god, I feel like an amateur). A couple of the levels are not very friendly for multi-play. I didn't beta test using two players until it was too late. Big hints for me 1. Even though a door may need a colored key, always make the backside a normal door. That way if only one player has a key in a new area and they die, the other player is not trapped in there. Sorry about that. 2. Always have enough radiation suits for everyone. It really sucks to have to stand there and watch as someone else does all the work. Sorry about that.
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