Title: octo.zip
Filename: levels/doom/m-o/octo.zip
Size: 4.09 KB
Date: 05/12/94
E-mail: holtd@bigdog.engr.arizona.edu
Description: Ok, this may be a 'bit' overwhelming, and the mechanics may not be that great, but we all have to start somewhere! This .wad file is just basically an arena that IS doable if you keep running. Enjoy it.
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The main level isn't even an octagon. 0/5x
Haha 1 big room with monsters and a small looped corridor on the side, you call this a map? I call this a beginners experiment to practice using the editor that should not have even been released oh well, it WAS made in 1994 after all. 0/5 there is no reason to even play thisx
^E2M2 is DOOM you knuckle-head, that maybe why it's familiar. The room has only six sides, not seven but that is of little consequence. Even for 1994, this is rubbish. One huge dark arena, a corridor with some weaponary, a Unvunerabiliy sphere and a switch to exit marked a poison. I do agree that no indication of what level this is can be irritating. I also find it amusing the author begs for feedback. OK then, it's shite! 0/5x
It's E2M1, although there's no indication of this, which irritated me. It's a very large arena (with seven sides rather than eight) and there are 28 monsters, including a pair of spiders and a cyberdemon. You can just run to the exit, and then you're in E2M2, which starts off in a crate maze. There's a shotgun and a berzerk pack near the beginning, and it's fun to do the level with just the berzerk. I liked the corridor with the crushers. It was very familiar, though.x

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