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Base Ganymede: Complete
A 3 episode vanilla megawad for Doom 1 containing a total of 27 maps. Set on one of Jupiter's moons called Ganymede, this wad should provide a challenge for a wide variety of skill levels ranging from the humble newbie to veteran speedrunner. Each ep...Date:01/18/12
Size:2.06 MB
Author:Adam "Khorus" Woodmansey

Bijou Doom
Bijou Doom is a little mapping exercise/project where I basically recreated the first 3 episodes of Doom in tiny 384x384 playable spaces with a bonus Episode 4 thats in a 128x128 playable spaces....Date:08/18/17
Size:131.42 KB

3 episode wad for ultimate doom with the usual tech/hell tech/hell setup with a few exceptions from time to time. This is an expansion from my cbspeed.wad I realeased last August, so the first episode is an updated version of cbspeed with hopefully i...Date:07/16/13
Size:3.54 MB
Author:Matt "cannonball" Powell

Doom the Way id Did
"At some point in time I got the idea that it would be really fun if John Romero dusted off the ol' doom editor and made another map for Doom episode 1 for old time's sake. He once replied to an email saying 'maybe I will!' but never did get around t...Date:02/21/12
Size:1.91 MB

Endless Torture
36 maps with various difficulties...Date:06/17/15
Size:1.64 MB
Author:Maxime Bisiaux "Datacore"

Final Fantasy Doom (version 2)
Final Fantasy "the best Japanese RPG ever" meets Doom "the best FPS ever". Final Fantasy Doom is a Total Conversion for Ultimate Doom with 27 single-player levels (3 complete episodes) and 7 Deathmatch levels (Episode 4). Final Fantasy Doom featu...Date:04/26/00
Size:2.27 MB
Author:Original version Ramon Mujica Version 2 Update by Sparky of KISS Software kelm@eis

Size:2.31 MB

Invasion 1.9
Alot of people seemed to be blown away by Invasion V1.7. Well, you people ain't seen nothin' yet. Whats New? even more quality, more NEW ORIGINAL textures, and more flats... Oh, and more music....Date:11/27/97
Size:2.6 MB
Author:Paul Fleschute

Nightmares of Loki 1999
Nightmares of Loki is a cryptic hallucinagenic Nightmare. This version contains 3 episodes and level starts to the 4th This game was started in 1995 under the name 'doom legacy' After a source port was discovered with the same name, it has been renam...Date:10/23/03
Size:4.66 MB
Author:Jerry Lehr, Jr

Magic Doom
Staring into the glowing teleporter, you vaguely remember an...Date:07/02/20
Size:2.49 MB

Hell Medley (original: Pekelna vsehochut)
Early maps by Adolf Vojta, a few of which were later modified and appeared in Kama Sutra See the original textfile (included as medleycz.txt) for further descriptions and comments on the individual levels (in Czech!)....Date:12/02/05
Size:645.54 KB
Author:Adolf Vojta

Newmaps: A Chex Quest Mod
This is the final version of Newmaps. Newmaps is a Chex Quest mod (*cough*) based on The Ultimate Chex Quest. In May 2005 I came across The Ultimate Chex Quest. Then I saw some of the fanmade maps and thought: "Hey! Why don't I try my hand at makin...Date:08/13/08
Size:5.74 MB

"Death in the ass of the Universe"... In fact, this is a improvisated title.
A compilation of 27 levels (the three series from the original Doom), that I made between 1994 and 2000. But they weren't conceived as a complete and coherent episode. There isn't storyline or something similar, and most of these maps were constructe...Date:06/22/04
Size:1.02 MB
Author:Eye del Cul

NJ Doom
Olde replacement for the original Doom 3 Episodes. Released purely because of interest in old, cheesy 1994 WADS. This is possibly not the first version of this file, but an early revision. I no longer have the original The file date may or may not ...Date:04/05/06
Size:1.22 MB
Author:Nigel "Enjay" Rowand

The Ultimate NMD
A deliberately underdetailed replacement of all of DooM, following the themes of each episode....Date:04/28/09
Size:904.28 KB

RAGE DOOM ver. 2.0
A 19-map pwad for Doom/Ultimate Doom....Date:07/27/04
Size:595.46 KB
Author:Dan Krempel

REKKR is a total conversion for Ultimate Doom v1.9...Date:09/02/18
Size:12.81 MB

This is my "oddly named but lovable beast of wad" (kalensar) that replaces Doom 1in the style of Doom the Way Id Did. To ensure vanilla compatibility, I've tested the wad in Chocolate Doom and cleaned up any issues I could find. This wad doesn't try ...Date:06/11/22
Size:1.84 MB
Author:Wilster Wonkels

Stickney Installation
A 4 episode ultimate doom megawad containing 36 maps. Most are loosely based on the original ultimate doom levels but with unique layouts and gameplay, the maps are inspired rather than being direct remakes. Difficulty is fairly average, later levels...Date:10/17/22
Size:1.87 MB
Author:Snaxalotl "Kyra"

The idea was to remake a map from one episode, but as if it had appeared in another episode....Date:10/28/14
Size:1.86 MB

TUBS Doom - The Ultimate Byte Sized Doom
Inspired by Combinebobnt's SUPERFAST Speedmapping, TUBS Doom is a complete megawad of speedmaps for the Ultimate Doom where each map has 1 extra minute planning time and 1 extra minute mapping time than the last, starting with E1M1 which had 1 minute...Date:06/29/22
Size:282.75 KB
Author:razor and agaures

UnAligned: 21 Days, 27 Maps, Zero Texture Alignment
Three episodes of classic, vanilla Doom created in exactly 21 days, that attempt to capture some of the essence of 1990s mapping. Bite-sized, unconventional, and intentionally under-detailed....Date:12/20/16
Size:595.41 KB

Wonderful Doom, v.1.2
I just wanted all doomers to play First Doom one more time. All maps are similar in design and difficulty to their originals, but they are build from scratch. Please, don`t acept it is a plagiarism, it`s just an alternative to such things like Mood, ...Date:04/13/09
Size:1.62 MB

Wonderful Doom, v.1.3
I just wanted all doomers to play Orginal Doom one more time. All maps are similar in design and difficulty to their originals, but they are build from scratch. I know, they simply look like originals, but they are still better than just modified ID`...Date:11/27/11
Size:1.64 MB

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