Title: Doom: Part 2 - Earth in Hell
Filename: levels/doom/megawads/dp2_eih.zip
Size: 2.33 MB
Date: 06/30/24
Author: Visplane Megaflow Team: Walter Confalonieri Kam Tovalski
Description: What could be happened if somebody decided to create their Doom 2 vision before Doom 2 comes out? That's our answer to that question nobody asked for!
Credits: id software - for Doom all the 1994 mappers for their revolutionary and pioneristic modding works
Base: New levels from scratch
Build time: from May 2023, so... 1 year and 1 month
Editor(s) used: Ultimate Doom Builder, Doom Builder X, SLADE 3, WadAuthor, Whacked, midi2mus
Bugs: E3M8 doesn't work on DOS for some reason, occasional savecrashes on some bigger levels, if you play in DOS Doom
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