Title: Final Fantasy Doom (version 2)
Filename: levels/doom/megawads/ffdoom2.zip
Size: 2.27 MB
Date: 04/26/00
Author: Original version Ramon Mujica mujica@caribe.net Version 2 Update by Sparky of KISS Software kelm@eis
Description: Final Fantasy "the best Japanese RPG ever" meets Doom "the best FPS ever".

Final Fantasy Doom is a Total Conversion for Ultimate Doom with 27 single-player levels (3 complete episodes) and 7 Deathmatch levels (Episode 4).

Final Fantasy Doom features new music, sound, monsters, weapons and graphics, all based on the game Final Fantasy 3 by SquareSoft.

In Final Fantasy Doom you are MOG, FF3's cutest hero, and you must fight your way through forests, caves, mountains, castles, etc., defeat the boss monsters, and ultimately face the evil spirit hiding in the painting of the Princess of Vector.

FFDOOM2.ZIP (by Sparky of KISS Software) is an updated version of FFDOOM.ZIP (by Ramon Mujica). FFDOOM2 was created with the consent and assistance of Ramon Mujica. See below for a detailed list of what changes were made for Version 2.

AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE: the levels basically appear in the order they were created by Ramon Mujica, so there is a distict increase in quality from the first to the third episode. If you hate the first few levels (I certainly did) then may I suggest you try Episode 2 before you decide FFDOOM2 is a piece of crap. Or alternatively, watch the demos which are only 147 to 218 seconds in length and give you a quick idea of what Final Fantasy Doom is all about.
Credits: id Software for Ultimate Doom SquareSoft for Final Fantasy 3 All the Doom Source Port authors and you, the Doom players, for keeping Doom alive. My wife for her love, patience and understanding.
Base: FFDOOM.ZIP by Ramon Mujica
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Deth, WinTex, DeuTex, NWT, Lumpy, PS Pro
Bugs: see below for a list of which source ports will and won't work with Final Fantasy Doom.
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