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Preview To A Kill
Basically, this is a short, but entertaining, wad to replace E1M1. It's a preview for an episode that I will post soon. I've named it Preview To A Kill because it had the certain tackiness that is not present in DOOM. It's a fun level, IHM...Date:06/12/94
Size:10.75 KB
Author:Scott Adams

Map built one year ago, when I was planning to build a whole episode......Date:12/11/98
Size:81.71 KB
Author:Pedro Arturo Gomez Blanco (PAGB666)

Perfected Hatred
After playing DTWID, nostalgia grew on me and I felt like building a E4-styled map. It's a mix inspired by E4M2, E4M3, and E4M6. I think I failed at delivering nostalgia, but I hope it's only because I built the map and there's no novelty factor. Thi...Date:08/14/13
Size:114.56 KB
Author:Pedro Arturo Gómez Blanco (pagb666)

Painless is my final level for DOOM. It encompasses all the things I've collected about the DOOM engine into one level. Although the level is large, it will save with no problems. Deathmatch and Cooperative starts are available in the level, so feel ...Date:12/03/04
Size:84.18 KB
Author:Patrick Hipps (aka Patrix)

Palace of the Beast
It's been two long months since you sent the evil...Date:11/03/05
Size:150.68 KB
Author:Thrain Shadbolt

Pandora's Pox
I've had it sitting around since October, I figure I'm not doing anything more to it, I may as well post it to the public, or at least make beta testing available here on the New Doom forums. It is for the original Doom, multiple difficulties, death ...Date:09/01/06
Size:82.03 KB

This, my second level, was constructed around a few of the ideas I like in some of the original DOOM levels, namely: The roof top walk in E3M3. The ability to shoot to later areas across chasms in E1M7. The idea of teleports and switches to create a ...Date:06/01/11
Size:57.96 KB
Author:Simon Manton

Pandora's Box
I've had it sitting around since October, I figure I'm not doing anything more to it, I may as well post it to the public, or at least make beta testing available here on the New Doom forums. It is for the original Doom, multiple difficulties, death ...Date:09/20/06
Size:82.4 KB

Well, here it is... This is an improved version of a level which I made The first version had some bugs and this is way better! (and bigger, about 700 vertices!) A lot of blood sweat and tears went into this level (especially since I did it during fi...Date:05/08/94
Size:39.01 KB
Author:Jason Hargreaves (A really really bored Chem E student)

Paranoia 1.1
Size:47.7 KB
Author:Philippe Lafontaine

This Wad was made to challange the average and above average Doom player. Lots of enemies to face, with a couple of surprises along the away....Date:12/24/94
Size:67 KB
Author:David J. Hill

Parthenon was originally a beautiful rendition of the structure of the same name in Greece, but HoM considerations reduced it to the vestige you see in the exact middle of the map. (For those interested, the original still exists, and if I ever find ...Date:12/02/05
Size:64.22 KB
Author:Bob Lange

Pat's 1st Wad
You enter the moon base carefully weighing your options... you have none.. great. Well.. all you can do is grab your trusty shotgun that lays by your side and commence mince-meat making. Open the door and let 'er rip... but watch out for that.... AAA...Date:10/09/94
Size:57.07 KB
Author:Patrick C. Farabee

Paul's levels (see below)
A whole doom replacement, current approx. release verison is 4.0 see story section for stories on the levels....Date:07/29/95
Size:632.4 KB
Author:Paul Duty

A small classic-style level for DOOM replacing E1M1....Date:10/11/12
Size:22.27 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis (pcorf)

Deimos Entry
Small 1994 level for Doom replacing E2M1. Classic E2 style....Date:05/12/10
Size:53.07 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis (pcorf)

Base of Sacrificium
Small 1994 level for Doom replacing E3M3. In the style of Episode 3....Date:12/26/10
Size:80.47 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis (pcorf)

A map that is the 4th floor of Ziff-Davis HQ at One Park Avenue, New York. More info about this WAD can be found here:
Size:83.18 KB
Author:Steve Baldwin

The Taste of Death
This PWAD was created for PCFormat's DOOM? I'll give you DOOM, mate. It might be UNPLAYABLE in slower systems ( 386's ). It IS hard to keep 14.4k modem connections going and problably as...Date:09/24/95
Size:68.58 KB
Author:Rui Sergio Magalhaes da Costa

Technician's Base
A dark, small to medium sized base level with a classic touch to it that runs on Vanilla Doom....Date:06/06/08
Size:49.9 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

The Abandoned Base
I'm releasing the whole pd-gates series. This was an 8 level series but 3 of them are really bad, so they are not being released. In this version, the wad file had been cleaned, the size is smaller. The design of the map has not been fixed. There are...Date:08/24/01
Size:81.92 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

The Evil Base
I'm releasing the whole pd-gates series. This was an 8 level series but 3 of them are really bad, so they are not being released. In this version, the wad file had been cleaned, the size is smaller. The design of the map has not been fixed. There are...Date:08/24/01
Size:26.64 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

First part of "The gates" series....Date:08/24/01
Size:98.74 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

The lost wad
Sixth part of "The gates" series (I made a diferent style for this one.)...Date:08/24/01
Size:105.45 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

The Red Skull Key
I'm releasing the whole pd-gates series. This was an 8 level series but 3 of them are really bad, so they are not being released. In this version, the wad file had been cleaned, the size is smaller. The design of the map has not been fixed. There are...Date:08/24/01
Size:56.14 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

They will repent (House of pain part two)
A level based on E4M5 of ULTIMATE DOOM....Date:05/03/00
Size:44.66 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

PhobosDeimos Anomaly
A collection of twelve classic-style maps by Phobosdeimos1, originally designed for "Doom the Way Id Did." These maps, while perhaps not "id-like" in the strictest sense, are wildly creative and fun to boot. A must-play for those with a classic Doo...Date:09/06/15
Size:526.83 KB
Author:Phobosdeimos1 Compiled by Xaser

The Block DM
A very simple DM level for Ultimate Doom. This map has lots of action, and was made only for 2 players, but it holds 4....Date:11/02/01
Size:184.63 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

A Lonely Place to Die
My 14th UD wad. This is a ICK base level. Everything happens on one floor. This map was intented for SKILL 4, no SKILL 1....Date:01/25/02
Size:119.27 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

...and death came along
My 15th UDoom map. Intro map for "...and hell came through" a base level. You know how they look. I wasted a lot of time working on this fucker, so I hope is not a boring one. = ) There are 2 ways to get to the end (kind of), you don't really have to...Date:01/25/02
Size:328.71 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

This is a unfinished file, so it's very small, you could take it and make other WAD....Date:06/08/96
Size:2.07 KB

Toxin refinery, replaces the original E1M3: Toxin refinery with a brand new level and crazy secret level. Both the levels use the classical base style which was used in the original Doom. I'm talking Episode 1 style. This level uses extended linedef ...Date:06/15/99
Size:81.17 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

A replacecment for Episode 3 of Doom. Just maps in here no new music or graphics....Date:11/23/14
Size:636.63 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis (Pcorf)

My Ultimate DOOM episode: Death Tormention (V1)
Size:351.91 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

Death Tormention II
The fantasic sequel to Death Tormention I with 8 supremley evil levels designed from scratch just for The Ultimate Doom. The levels are much harder than Death Tormention I. There are lots of traps throughout, etc. The style is just like id's E4, medi...Date:11/21/99
Size:726.84 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis, kristian Aro, Chris Harbin

Pe4m_se: Death Tormantion, Special edition level.
Size:60.05 KB
Author:Paul Corfiatis

A sequence of three areas of increasing difficulty. Some puzzles. Fairly hard in ultraviolent mode. Note: there is no return after teleporting....Date:11/23/04
Size:51.51 KB
Author:Jim Flynn

It's always been my theory that if you don't have at least one monster every ten square feet (relatively speaking), then there's not enough carnage! I stretched the limits of size (as far as DEU would let me) to come up with this hig...Date:03/22/95
Size:64.73 KB

Overview: The pace of action in The Pentadrome is best suited for cooperative play, but once the monsters are thinned down, it's a fabulous place for a deathmatch. With few dead ends and lots of twists and secrets, The Pentadrome keeps you on the edg...Date:05/30/05
Size:52.18 KB
Author:Chris Plummer

There's nothing quite as evil as the sign of Satan itself... Well, maybe certain farts might be considered more evil....... If you haven't done so yet, go play HUNTER.WAD....Date:07/10/94
Size:49.63 KB
Author:Jin H. Kim "Time Traveler"

Here is the first three levels of an episode I am in the process of building....Date:05/12/05
Size:36.88 KB
Author:Michael J. Penze

DOOM: Perdition
DOOM: Perdition is a spiritual successor to Thy Flesh Consumed. At the end of your last crusade to Hell, the hideous wreck of the Spiderdemon leaves behind a gateway. Passing through it, you emerge in the green fields of Earth -- only to find that ev...Date:12/23/19
Size:873.26 KB
Author:Thomas 'Scorpius' Baden

Nukage nail-biting tunnel system, 'room-within-a-room' puzzle, Blood and guts crushing ceiling section One necessary rising stair Tower and temple Mysterious catwalk to freedom * Hints included if needed in the form an infamous exchange between Hew...Date:05/12/06
Size:39.53 KB
Author:Peri Strange
This and are two new levels made with deu 5.0 and the bsp 1.0 nodebuilder. They are meant to be played together, so hopefully you will. pet2.wad is an easy level for e1m1 we made to give you the chain gun and ammo, which is what we want yo...Date:05/12/94
Size:57.76 KB
Author:Craig Wendland, Peter Masny
Difficult pwad. See end of this file....Date:05/17/94
Size:58.81 KB
Author:Peter Masny Craig Wendland

Pain from the Forsaken Castle
The author's first level, made entirely with ReDoomEd, a port of id Software's DoomEd....Date:06/19/21
Size:33.64 KB

My second WAD, i just can't get enough !!...Date:05/15/96
Size:600.51 KB
Author:L.J. Menist

Hell on Phil Episode 1: Phantom Phobos
A vanilla mapset replacing episode 1 with a mostly techbase theme with some Episode 2 & hellish elements mix in. Difficultly ranges from vanilla gameplay to slaughter level difficultly. Check "mapinfo" text file for more info....Date:12/31/19
Size:422.88 KB

Planet Hell
This pwad replaces episode #2 with 9 new levels. The level layouts and difficulty of these levels are compareable to DOOM's 'INFERNO'. This pwad include following nine brandnew missions: 1.) Entrance 2.) Catacombs 3.) Lab of Horror 4.) Outcasted...Date:11/11/09
Size:378.74 KB
Author:Ralf Wueltener

A replacement for Doom episode 3: Inferno...Date:08/21/07
Size:279.52 KB
Author:Phil Memmer

Pretty Hate Marine: Entryway
A small base level. This map doesn't follow the "rules" of ep1 mapping, so don't expect a true ep1-ish level. This is the 1st part of Pretty Hate Marine...Date:03/07/02
Size:63.35 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

Pretty Hate Marine: Starfuckers Inc.
A small base level. This map doesn't follow the "rules" of ep1 mapping, so don't expect a true ep1-ish level. This has one hard to find secret. This is the 2nd part of Pretty Hate Marine....Date:03/07/02
Size:84.29 KB
Author:Pablo Dictter

Phobos Revisited
Size:823.63 KB
Author:ReX Claussen

The Far Side of Phobos
This is a full 8 level Episode For DOOM. It takes place after "everything else" and there are reports of areas never cleared on Phobos, and once again, you must venture in by yourself. I made my best efforts to try and bring back the "Knee Deep in ...Date:07/18/98
Size:474.96 KB
Author:Jim Kirk

Phobos Nexus
A small map for vanilla doom.exe, I mixed hell and tech themes together, and came up with this, I hope you like it....Date:10/11/09
Size:183.18 KB
Author:Bejiitas Wrath

Phobos Tunnel
The underground passage that links the Phobos toxin refinery with the military compound has been invaded by demons! If the attack isn't stopped, chances are that Phobos may suffer the same fate as Deimos. By disappearing, it would expose the main Mar...Date:04/16/15
Size:55.48 KB
Author:Ioan Chera

Phobos Outpost
Size:440.63 KB
Author:Ralf Wueltener

A map for Walter Confalonieri's 31st birthday, made because he requested people do so on the Doomword forums. If you're playing Ultra-Violence and can get to the Berserk reference secret, be ready to recreate one of Guts' finer moments......Date:04/16/14
Size:96.08 KB
Author:James "Phobus" Cresswell

Pie.wad (Easy as...)
I got tired of all those levels with n cyberdemons, 2n spiders and n^2 barons, so I created a little something for *real* Doom masters to beat. Go ahead. Punch out those cybers. Or find a couple of helpful tricks......Date:05/27/94
Size:3.06 KB
Author:James Ojaste

This patch file is for E1M1. To designed for deathmatch play. The main section of this wad file is the series of pillars in the center of the map. To get up to the rooms upstairs you must 'run' starting from the lowest platform and run up the ascendi...Date:05/12/94
Size:13.18 KB
Author:David W. Allen

Size:19.64 KB
Author:Phil Kime

Here is your chance to take a lovely tour of the subterranian sewer system that exists to fulfil all of Hell's waste disposal needs. But what is that coming out of the pipe?! I guess it is time to take out the trash! Mangle the monsters, clean the se...Date:11/28/01
Size:114.52 KB
Author:Jon Landis

Run N'Gun
Try to survive with your basic pistol? This is a VERY BASIC level. This is my first attempt at using a Doom Editor. The purpose was to familiarize myself with the very basic features of the editor. So, don't look for any elevators, lifts, or stairs. ...Date:05/30/05
Size:13.43 KB
Author:Jim Sharp

This is just another one of those lame arena things. I noticed how most of them don't really stick to the arena part, so I took a shot at it. You can watch the war at different views....Date:03/29/97
Size:12.63 KB
Author:superdud, on irc, undernet im buttsnoid

The Pit
JUMP ON IN, THE BLOOD IS FINE....Date:12/02/05
Size:23.04 KB
Author:Michael Sartore

Hey I hope you like this new Doom level I created using Doomed V 2.6b. I hope you have as much fun playing it as I did making it. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, feel free to email me at Have fun!!...Date:08/04/06
Size:10.65 KB

Well, this is my first Doom WAD and personally, I think it's pretty good. You will find just about anything on this level. The only thing I left out was the Spider Demon. (Too much of a bad ass!!!) Oh, and are there secrets!!! I put in ten of them....Date:02/20/95
Size:17.92 KB
Author:Paolo Trinchieri

The Pits of DooM
A full nine-levels-episode for DooM....Date:04/13/07
Size:159.81 KB

The Rock Pit
You have to leave the space lock and find your way to the next for pick up. Along the way are spaced mariens and monsters to chill the blood. You will want to find the secrets to finish the level...Date:02/22/97
Size:56.38 KB
Author:William Drummond

Project Awesome
This is a small set of short vanilla maps that my younger brother made, replaces E3M5 to E3M8....Date:08/27/10
Size:20.19 KB
Author:Gavin Gray

This level was used for testing my DOOM editor, DOOM Construction Set (DCS) 1.0. It's a little small, but I didn't want to spend all my time on the level and not the editor!...Date:04/05/06
Size:23.13 KB
Author:Patrick Steele

This level was used for testing my own DOOM editor. I've put a *lot* of time into this level to make it very playable, and visually appealing....Date:12/15/94
Size:44.95 KB
Author:Patrick Steele

The Mars Plague
This is an entire level, complete with new music, weapons, and some new graphics. It was designed to provide the best of solo, deathmatch and cooperative play. After you escape the Hell that Mars has become, UAC sends you the bill for several billion...Date:07/05/00
Size:792.61 KB
Author:James Stewart and Ryan Weiss

Great stuff! Your mission: Kill and survive. You might also need to use your brain! ;)...Date:12/02/05
Size:356.9 KB

Size:33.71 KB
Author:Daniel Brunner

The Playground
Good for Multiplayer DOOM with lots of spots to start. Some are good, some are bad, and some neither....Date:04/13/07
Size:46.44 KB
Author:Frederick Clark Raile

Welcome to the Pleasure Dome! This is where all of the posessed soldiers and sargents come to watch those marines die who will not succumb to posession by the demons infesting the world. This level is like the Roman Coloseums of old, except that you ...Date:05/10/94
Size:74.22 KB
Author:Shawn Holmstead

My second attempet at making a Doom level from scratch. Large, Secrect areas. Some puzzles....Date:05/12/06
Size:46.18 KB
Author:Mike Regan

Size:331.63 KB
Author:Patrick Martin

Pink Munchers And Pesky Imps (And The Occaisional Cacodemon Or Baron)
This is DOOM! There's monsters. Kill 'em!...Date:09/09/99
Size:169.69 KB
Author:Steve Robinson

Poison Hub
A first attempt at making a reasonably sized DOOM map. It has quite a few outdoor areas included, and all three keys are used. I've tried to make it slightly non-linear so that it is more interesting....Date:01/26/17
Size:35.51 KB
Author:John Connolly

An environmentalist's nightmare. Mostly toxic waste with some other areas to explore. (Hint: try to save the radiation suits) This is my first (successful) PWAD. Being able to navigate through the ooze quickly is a valuable asset in this level. I hav...Date:08/10/94
Size:23.85 KB
Author:Brian Smolke

A .WAD for you people that like hard levels. Lots of toxic channels and poisonous lava. Beware of the many exploding barrels or you'll be toast....Date:11/28/10
Size:43.61 KB
Author:Richard K. Thomas

The Mad Polygon!
[BBS file description:] POLYMAD.ZIP 37994 9-30-94 The Mad Polygon! Designed by a Demented Geometry Professor!...Date:04/13/07
Size:36.75 KB

Look for skulls on the wall in a big dark room. Skulls that...Date:10/17/96
Size:23.49 KB
Author:Tanner McCarron

Portal To Hell
You are in a secret station on earth, cause a portal to hell was opened by scientists. As a result of that, Demons are planing an invasion. Your Mission: destroy the Base. For that you must find the Exit but before, you have to go through hell !!! Yo...Date:10/02/06
Size:33.98 KB
Author:Christian Mueller

*to play, just run the .bat file* Your outpost was over-run by monsters! You wait for the shuttle by the landing pad but a garbled messege hints to you that its going to be a no show. You must clear out the post yourself! You know that there are two ...Date:05/14/94
Size:48.49 KB
Author:Ray Trochim

Planet Phobos
Planet Phobos brings you a hole Episode of new levels in the classic layout of the Doom-episode "Kneedeep in the Death" This pwad for DOOM includes 10 maps. Nine of them are stored as episode #1, called 'Planet Phobos'. The tenth map replaces E2M9....Date:11/11/09
Size:436.93 KB
Author:Ralf Wueltener

This is my first WAD ever,so it is noticeably lacking some of the more sophisticated features like rising staircases etc.I wrote it as a learning experience. There are lots of monsters,and the play level is moderate.There are also a number of secret ...Date:08/15/94
Size:93.31 KB
Author:C.John Thompson

This level was built using the actual floorplans of part of Wilson College, a dorm complex at Princeton University. The design features two large courtyards along with many of the dark hallways found in the buildings here. The dining hall is a partic...Date:05/18/94
Size:79.42 KB
Author:Michael Reilly

The Prison
Anticipating that you'd kick up a fuss when they reattempted transdimensional travel, the UAC locked you up in a military prison. Fortunately, the guards stationed to watch over you are old war buddies who realise the urgency of the situation and giv...Date:01/04/04
Size:281.17 KB
Author:Nigel Dear

Sort of a prison complex for Doom. Works only with registered version....Date:08/04/06
Size:32.88 KB
Author:Tim Currie

An early version of a file I will add on to Extensively if interest is great enough....Date:10/23/05
Size:11.46 KB
Author:Dr fred441

My Frist! Map
This was my first Doom map. My first creation for any game, really. A tipical 1994 WAD -and made in 1994, too-, with random scenery and misaligned textures. Not very interesting, but I know there are players who enjoy ugly 1994 wads... A refined -and...Date:06/14/09
Size:28.79 KB
Author:Eye del Cul

Processing Plant
This used to be the UAC subterrainian toxic waste processing plant, until the mishap. Things went wrong, so they called your team in to clean it up. To think this all started with an early morning waking dream where I visualized the area where you st...Date:05/17/94
Size:51.11 KB
Author:Curtis Turner II

This level will reveal the identity of the Antichrist. He's someone you know. Who would have thought... that behind those boyish good looks lurks unspeakable evil. He's watching ...Date:07/15/95
Size:67.56 KB
This is my very first wad designed to be playable at any difficulty level thus avoiding the instant death, kill everything in sight kind of wads. There are a few traps and interesting rooms so give it a shot (no pun) and see what you think. This wad...Date:05/12/94
Size:18.81 KB

Try of a level of DooM (In Italian,"prova" means "try") This level as been updated in 13\05\05
Nothing of special, you're located inside a abandoned base full of hostile life (obviously),and you got to destroy the satan's fortress... in the second level you're inside a alien starship (well, this is the idea) and defeat the alien boss.... So, T...Date:05/16/05
Size:146.67 KB
Author:Walter "daimon" Confalonieri

Proxyon Military Base
Proxyon Military Base was built on the planet Andromeda in the Alpha Cruxus system, known as Summer Row because of the five Earth-type worlds that orbit this G-type sun at comfortable distances. The whole system is possibly the richest non-mineral sy...Date:03/05/96
Size:128.24 KB
Author:Scott McNutt

Prower's Military Base
Your mission is simple: kill all remaining demons in this abandoned Milita Base. To play, run PRWRBASE.BAT, which is simply the command "doom -file prwrbase.wad -warp 1 6 -skill 4"...Date:09/11/97
Size:64.26 KB
Author:Michael "Prower/Kcobain" Reid

Prower's Gate to Hell
This level is the follow-up to Prower's Military Base which should be available the same place you found this wad. Prower's Military Base won both the Wad of the Week award and the Wad of the Day award, and has received good comments from the DooMing...Date:12/19/97
Size:62.45 KB
Author:Michael "Prower" Reid

Prower's Revenge
Prower's Revenge: AKA The Story You glance at the computer screen to the side of you. "Damn," you say...Date:03/12/98
Size:46.89 KB
Author:Michael "Prower" Reid

Hey! It's Reed's Psych building!...Date:05/10/94
Size:19.07 KB
Author:Mark Chen

PREPARE TO DIE!!! This level is the toughest I have seen. I am convinced that it is IMPOSSIBLE to beat on the NIGHTMARE difficulty level (no codes!) Even I can't beat this level without using cheat codes, and I consider myself rather good at DOOM (pl...Date:05/12/06
Size:11.82 KB
Author:Kyle Kenny

PTDOOM (PWAD-version)
This modular add-on replaces two episodes and five enemies. The episodes and also each new enemy is stored in a separate PWAD. The new second and third episode is stored in: --> PTWRATH.WAD (levels) + e2m9fix.wad, a bugfixed version of E2M9 A big flo...Date:03/03/06
Size:1.03 MB
Author:Phillip T. Wheeler a.k.a. phillip wheeler a.k.a. phillipt a.k.a. freddret on irc

The Pumping Station
Eerie assault on the Mars Toxin Pumping Station...Date:07/01/11
Size:354.28 KB
Author:Robbie Laliberte

Pumpkin..A Holloween Tale
The setting: Mars, Under Mining Station Holloween night, but there's no candy for this kid. Many tricks and only a few treats. Someone needs to get your bags ready..body bags that is. Hope you see a ghost tonight!...Date:05/23/05
Size:10.9 KB
Author:Mark Marusak

A nice level with some ideas I had thought up. Includes a movie theatre and lots of linedef triggering functions....Date:06/12/94
Size:68.23 KB
Author:Doug Ryerson

Deep Purple
Size:65.29 KB
Author:Karl J. Solie

This is an E2M1 level that could just as easily be an E1M1 version but to keep it out of shareware hands I made it an E2. (really guys, you should go ahead and register. You won't be disappointed.) The idea here wasn't to create a huge level but inst...Date:12/02/10
Size:597.66 KB
Author:Ken Cheek

Single, Multi-Player, and Deathmatch. Make it to the Pyramid, get to the top, and see what happens next....Date:05/14/94
Size:35.75 KB
Author:Dave Brown: Brain-Dead Eng. Technician

Recovery Station
Great. Now you've situated yourself in a demonic invasion. However, everything feels... familiar? This was a KDiTD-styled submission for a dead comproj. I wanted to upload this standalone so my efforts weren't in vain....Date:07/30/22
Size:54.58 KB

Good fast play, keep on your toes ! This is sort of an exploration level, so if you get to the end and missed a secret or 2, go back. HINT:There's a couple of walk thru walls....Date:10/02/97
Size:77.51 KB
Author:Scott Harper (aka. MadMax)

Quad Wads - Doom / Ultimate Doom version
All three of these wads are designed the same; one for Doom 1, one for Doom 2, and one for Heretic. It is a fast paced level that usually results in a lot of frags. The layout of the walls and transporters is identical in all three levels so if you l...Date:11/27/00
Size:21.96 KB
Author:Ron Williams

Quagmire (A difficult or irksome situation)
Just a level that got me into wad building and to learn DEU 5.21. I just kept adding things I liked and seeing if my play testers could get through them. There's plenty of ammo and a few tricks to figure out....Date:08/05/94
Size:39.25 KB
Author:Jon Davey

Outpost Quark -- version 1 update 2
Your hands shake as you unplug the virtual reality system. Sure, your eyes had been fooled, but your brain knew that DOOM was just a game ... Thank God this is reality. Thank God this is O u t p o s t Q u a r k...Date:07/06/94
Size:66.17 KB
Author:Steve Rice

A deathmatch level. Big chasm with all guns except BFG9000. No exit because it is intended for deathmatch....Date:05/08/94
Size:8.77 KB
Author:Dave Matteson

Much ammo, weapons, monsters (especialy cacodemons - I like them), spider boss on skill >=3 in multiplayer game. Different exits for singleplayer and multiplayer games. In multiplayer one player must press switch to open doors to exit and another go ...Date:06/20/94
Size:51.32 KB
Author:Nils Jakobsons (Quatro) & Janis Jagars (Disaster)

Quake dOOm v1.0
This is mainly a Deathmatch WAD, but some single-player support has been added, too. COMPLETELY NEW! Not at all like my pervious WADs, which were modifacations on id's levels. This is COMPLETELY NEW! I reccomend that you use this for Deathmatch, but ...Date:12/18/97
Size:10.91 KB
Author:David Sanftenberg

Queen of the DoomWeb a Study in Plasma
As you stride down to the burning city of Hell On Earth you note a baron reading a sign. The baron appears rather annoyed at the weathered sign reading "Under Construction - please come back in October." The baron gives one final scream and heads for...Date:08/15/94
Size:72.42 KB
Author:Bob "Da Sloth" Bingham

The Quest for Necronomicon
The Middle Age is here! This package takes you in the middle of medievalworld. Your are a fearless Mage-Fighter, whose quest is to save the earth and find the lost book of Necronomicon....Date:03/08/97
Size:1.18 MB
Author:Pasi Nikkanen, Olli Maksimainen, Mikko Korpelainen

Quick Kill Deathmatch --
A great setting for an action packed deathmatch.. not too big, not too small...Stairs, doors teleporters and lifts...Playable 1 player..Lots of texture alignment! cool stuff in here!...Date:12/30/05
Size:42.37 KB
Author:Eric Sheier

Close quarter melee with that favorite of weapons, the Shot Gun. Compact, detailed level in the spirit of ID's original first episode. If you're fed up of panoramic blast-o-thon's and "Oh my, there's a Cyberdemon next to the player one start." then t...Date:07/07/94
Size:35.84 KB
Author:Nick Foster

Small level which when in multiplayer mode is a race to the finish to avoid being crushed!. The whole level turns to a crusher when you pass the finish....Date:03/01/97
Size:5.35 KB
Author:Eric Spain

This is the first level in a nine level episode currently under construction. Once all levels are complete all will be available in one wad file RageHell.wad including a complete story line. The final episode will actually replace e2m1-m9....Date:08/22/97
Size:14.57 KB
Author:David Rager

This is the second level in a nine level episode currently under construction. Once all levels are complete all will be available in one wad file RageHell.wad including a complete story line. The final episode will actually replace e2m1-m9....Date:08/22/97
Size:35.21 KB
Author:David Rager

This is the third level in a nine level episode currently under construction. Once all levels are complete all will be available in one wad file RageHell.wad including a complete story line. The final episode will actually replace e2m1-m9....Date:08/22/97
Size:58.84 KB
Author:David Rager

Lots of monsters - lots of fun. RALF02.WAD runs with DOOM 1.2 and 1.666. It's not a very big level, because it's my first PWAD I've created. Hope You enjoy it. If You like it or have critics, please email me....Date:09/25/94
Size:23.75 KB
Author:Ralf Naegele

Here's a nice, complete reconstruction of the office where I work here in San Francisco. Now when I get mad I don't have to just sit around and steam until I finally snap and go on a real rampage -- I can do it at home! And so can you! Just pretend y...Date:05/17/94
Size:43.96 KB
Author:Adam Froio

Chris's Hangar
A level created late last night (Dec 28th) out of boredom in the vein of E1M1, but enough difference that it's not an exact clone....Date:12/29/10
Size:36.28 KB
Author:Mr. Chris

This is my first WAD. Designed for single player, multiple player or Deathmatch modes, easy, medium or hard. One of the qualities of DOOM is that it allows vertical motion. I tried to take advantage of that when designing this level. This is a larg...Date:05/26/05
Size:47.78 KB
Author:Brad Bilbo

Mysterious Hellish Castle
This is a 1-level PWAD for The Ultimate Doom located on E1M8 and has an hellish theme. This is a speedmap that was done in about 6 hours....Date:01/13/21
Size:39.94 KB
A Doom I Wad This is my first wad so tell me what you think about it. It took me about 2 weeks to make it. There is no new music, sounds, or wall textures. Just a basic level I made using the Doom textures....Date:02/08/96
Size:45.87 KB

Reactor 2
This is a remake of the original Reactor that I released a couple of months ago. The first one ended the way it did because the editor I was using (Waded 1.23) couldn't handle any more additions. I finished it with Doom Construction Kit 1.1a. (I neve...Date:05/12/06
Size:111.19 KB
Author:Scott F. Crank

Your team has been called in to clean out one of UAC's power plants, but in the first hallway, the ceiling behind you collapses, burying almost all of your soldiers. Looks like the only way out now is to use the facility's transporter pad on the othe...Date:10/23/04
Size:49 KB
Author:Russ Walsh

The Reactor
Scene The site of A fusion reactor. Situation: CRITIAL; An infultration team entered the reactor a day ago to check on reports of missing personel and strange happenings with the equipment. A half-hour ago, all the power went out in the nearby colony...Date:09/21/94
Size:9.43 KB

After cleaning out one of UAC's power plants, you drop all your extra weapons and baggage, then jump into the transporter to return to your ship. As your molecules start to scramble, you suddenly realize you forgot to set any coordinates for the tran...Date:05/30/94
Size:52.01 KB
Author:Russ Walsh

REALM is an additional level built for the registered version of DOOM. It has every monster (HARD setting) and every weapon can be obtained. Eventually I will add new graphics when I get the chance....Date:05/20/94
Size:56.39 KB
Author:Darren K. McKeigan

Red Rock
Far out in the uncharted backwaters of deimos lies...Date:11/10/94
Size:75.44 KB
Author:Jan Hladik

Red Room
Discover the Red Room and find your way out (ALIVE) if you can. Discover the arrow to Hell and find its secrets....Date:10/29/94
Size:24.68 KB
Author:Jeff Gardner

BRAND NEW E1M1 LEVEL!! Can you survive in the Red Room? This was my first attempt at a new level for DOOM, so is a little rough around the edges. The first part of the level (up to the Yellow Key door) contains the weapons needed to survive the Red...Date:08/04/06
Size:58.47 KB

Here is a nice one ! This map consists of 4 sections that I'm sure you will enjoy it. Users Guide: At the beginning you will be in the first section which includes the big grey saloon, the patio and the metallic corridors. Then, the other secti...Date:08/04/06
Size:58.51 KB
Author:Jaime Landauer

Redrum is a rather large file, over 300k. For some reason beyond my comprehension DOOM will not let you save your game while playing Redrum.wad, so you better be pretty good at doom! Also may I suggest that you run doom with your "messages on". This ...Date:07/26/94
Size:125.34 KB
Author:Mal Blackwell

Trivial map for DOOM. I like '94-95 abstract, less detailed maps and has tried to make something similar....Date:04/20/08
Size:71.93 KB
Author:Aleksej Selivyorstov

Size:19.9 KB

Story so far: You have just completed the last mission of episode 1 and killed the Barons of Hell. You make your way out of the bloody battle field to a locked central control center. After running a sercurity bypass you find a surplus of food and ...Date:05/26/05
Size:19.3 KB
Author:Thomas Austin III Chapel Hill

Research Lab
Size:301 KB
Author:Richard Lawrence

CH Retro Episode (retroeps.wad)
The summer of 2001 brought you CH Retro. A level filled to the rim with all that good John Romero episode 1 stuff we all know and love! Here's the entire episode! E1M9 is a bit different from the other levels. I've used some ideas in that level whi...Date:05/15/02
Size:629.54 KB
Author:Christian N. Hansen aka 'c-cooper'

Return to Phobos
Size:519.68 KB
Author:Michael Kelsey

This is a bunch of levels I made years ago. They are colorful and fun to play....Date:04/30/01
Size:1.47 MB
Author:Devin Afshin

reunion 01
The UAC had sent 5 teams to see if anything on the old Phobos bases could be salvaged. There was still top secret projects untouched by the demons deep within the base. 4 of the 5 teams sent there had reported good results, one diddnt report back...Date:05/16/99
Size:59.01 KB
Author:Ed Cripps (Violent Ed)

e1m1 base style level...Date:10/09/99
Size:48.6 KB

Revisiting Phobos
My second attempt to make a E1Mx-style map, this time with less detail but more classic feeling. Tested with DOOM.EXE and ZDoom....Date:04/30/06
Size:143.55 KB
Author:Leonardo "BuzzBomber" Venturelli

Lost Base
It's a half tribute to E1 and a break to my bad habit of starting things and never finishing them....Date:06/11/05
Size:45.04 KB
Author:Ravage (ravagefox, rf)

Outer Rim
Just a map I did for fun....Date:12/28/05
Size:172.28 KB

First level (Bottom) of my new "Ship of DOOM".wad....Date:04/22/05
Size:32.96 KB

This is the Castle from Hell!!!
This is the Castle from Hell!!! It's a completely new level for Episode 2 complete with moat. It's monster packed so blast away! This was made with DEU5 editor. Just type Doom -file RHE2L3.WAD and play Episode 2 on Ultraviolent to Level 3 and enjoy!....Date:04/22/05
Size:11.99 KB
Author:Rich Horn

This is a lovely little doom level that I created using Edmap112. It is a very large level with many bad guys and one rather large bad guy. It gave me many headaches while building, but in the end, I was very pleased. This version has implemented mul...Date:10/24/05
Size:95.03 KB
Author:Mr. Horse

Size:53.37 KB
Author:Chris Richards

Rim - The Colony
You are on Rim, a planet covered with water. Small but neat map....Date:01/03/06
Size:54.18 KB
Author:Frank Polster

Rim 2 - Cere
DOOM map...Date:01/03/06
Size:128.43 KB
Author:Frank Polster

Ring of Death
An arena-style, wide-open level. A real challenge alone, easier in cooperative mode, and an excellent deathmatch level....Date:05/31/05
Size:24.21 KB
Author:Bruce H. Graw

Four lanes, run around kill each other. Deathmatch only... there are player starts if you want to cheat and find the the secrets. Watch the demo, it shows you how to get into the control room and which button not to press....Date:06/18/94
Size:27.29 KB
Author:Jon Henderson

Well, it's a little bit of everything (as you can/ will see). As far as I know it's the biggest pwad I've ever seen (if you find something bigger please tell me, and I'll add something to mine to keep it number one :). I've been running it on my 486D...Date:03/31/00
Size:1.55 MB

Rest In Pieces
My first WAD, its very large. All the guns are visiable. Designed primpary for Cooperative playing, especially with all the 'loads' of combat areas. Please send any/all comments to the address above, they will be forwarded to me....Date:06/11/94
Size:66.52 KB
Author:Jeremy Drye

Rest In Pieces part III
How good are you at staying on ledges? Test your skill of such in this PWAD....Date:01/26/11
Size:21.33 KB
Author:Jeremy Drye and Nick Tucker

Rest In Pieces part VII
Another deathmatch-only board, this one is a good bit bigger than some of the others. More-less it was a bunch of small ideas put into one. You have a BIG lift on the far left side of the board, a maze in the center (can you figure out how to get on ...Date:01/29/11
Size:39.48 KB
Author:Jeremy Drye and Nick Tucker

Rip it, Tear it, Smash it!
Two episode 2 styled levels for Ult. Doom. They ooze of 'The Shores of Hell' with their strange environment and strange design! So you might not be a big episode 2 fan? Well, I urge you to try this out anyway! It's action packed, moody and will pack ...Date:12/21/02
Size:210.83 KB
Author:Chris 'c-cooper' Hansen

RIVER33.wad is extremely large, and a VERY difficult map to complete, even on God mode. The map requires a "search-every-nook-and-cranny" attitude, and will take alot of time to finish. There are alternate ways of finishing the map, but ultimate...Date:10/09/95
Size:100.37 KB

of patch WAD ROACH12.WAD
Size:47.73 KB

Welcome to Rock-it.wad, the second edit of Rocket.wad. Like the first, it is a big, fast, obnoxious, deathmatch map, intended to be used WITH THE FEW MONSTERS IT CONTAINS, which slots into the E1M1 position....Date:05/14/94
Size:35.45 KB
Author:Nicholas Valtz (aka "Uni")

Rocky VII
You find yourself in the middle of a animal testing building. If your fast you can watch the spider and rocket man go at it....Date:12/02/05
Size:40.64 KB
Author:Ken Linback

Rooms of Doom 1
Training rooms for Doom 1. No beating around the bush, no keys, no puzzles, no labyrinths, no beautiful design, just you, your weapons and monsters to kill. Every level can be beaten (perhaps not from a pistol start) and there is an exit switch aroun...Date:08/23/21
Size:9.14 KB

ROGUES, version 1.70 (former Small70.wad)
I started this level with a small room and it grew and grew. I always kept in mind that this level should be nice for every skill and for multiplayer also. Especially deathmatch player like it because of its places to shoot somebody from behind and t...Date:09/15/94
Size:41.65 KB
Author:Michael K. Karneim

ROGUES2, version 1.131
ROGUES2 is similar to ROGUES I made in September 1994. It's a level for games who prefere the shotgun. Of course you can find the other weapons too, but it should be possible to finish this level just with the shotgun. This level mainly consists of v...Date:07/14/95
Size:58.67 KB
Author:Michael K. Karneim

Rollercoaster of Doom
From Palace of the Beast TXT: "...the first was 'Rollercoaster of Doom' (ROLLDOOM.ZIP), a comedy level I created while working on this."...Date:05/26/12
Size:43.01 KB
Author:Thrain Shadbolt

Le supermarché
Prevents enemies from ransacking the mall....Date:08/27/23
Size:130.64 KB

Room of death
You materialize on a ledge in the side of a large cavern. Looking around you realize its not a cavern, its an enormous room echoing with the growls of who knows what......Date:06/27/94
Size:19 KB
Author:Jon Paynter

Room 101 (101.WAD)
Size:61.39 KB

The Room Below
A TimeOfDeath map that should be compatible with the original vanilla Doom....Date:12/29/13
Size:455.21 KB
This is my attempt at adding a little bit to MARKROOM.WAD...Date:05/12/94
Size:12 KB

Size:128.79 KB
Author:Russ Walsh

I just would like some feedback from others on the quality of this file. Does anyone still play doom?? Please email me with feedback. Thank you...Date:06/15/98
Size:33.41 KB

- Six level episode plus finale (E1M7) - Designed with singleplayer in mind - Also great for deathmatch (try E1M4) - Difficulty levels implemented (of course)...Date:04/03/99
Size:226.09 KB
Author:Roland Linssen & Rogier Janssen

RRWARD01.WAD (all the cool names were taken)
This is a _very_ large file, owing to the detail given to the level (lots of linedefs) and the shear size of the map. This map is designed primarily for single player games, but has multi-player starts, and an interesting consession for DeathMatch, t...Date:07/22/94
Size:139.6 KB
Author:Richard R. Ward

Replaces E1 M1...Date:11/09/94
Size:220.29 KB
Author:Richard R. Ward

You are a rough and tough space marine who's had a few too many drinks and a few pounds too much pizza and you are on one hell of a bender. It's bad jokes, weird maps and lots of bloodshed as only DOOM can bring it to you. Designed for single player,...Date:06/11/96
Size:165.2 KB
Author:Richard R. Ward

This is a replacement for E1M8, and boy is it tough! It's a fairly simple map, but is chock full of monsters. Lots of monsters. More monsters than a body should ever have to kill. This map was originally part of a full DOOM1 Episode, but not all the ...Date:12/18/03
Size:120.91 KB
Author:Richard R. Ward

This level is designed to provide lots of shooting action (hence the "oozi" pun). There aren't a lot of puzzles, or secret doors that must be found to get to the end. Nor are there any "death traps" or rooms with 18 Cyberdemons. Just steady action. A...Date:05/31/94
Size:55.67 KB
Author:Robert Schweiner

Littel Infernoe
3 Littel infernoe levels for Doom 1. The third level is not completed but has a door that exits so you are not stuck in the level. HAVE FUN SPEADRUNNERS!...Date:08/01/06
Size:36.1 KB
Author:Ruba (runaway.wad and .txt)
Named not for any particular theme, more for the fact that once I started designing this level, I just kind of ran away with sector creation, and presto....runaway.wad. Has copious weaponry, but still may be pretty hard in UV. Not bad for deathmatch,...Date:06/29/94
Size:60.97 KB
Author:Eric C. Reuter

Runes of Despair
Another UAC experiment gone arri. This time they sent a scout in first to check out the area (you). What you saw was an ancient civilization who worshiped you like a god! At least they did, now you are tied up in a corner and your captives, who just ...Date:04/07/96
Size:109.55 KB
Author:Robert Whitlock

The second version of my first WAD. Designed for single player, multiple player or Deathmatch modes, easy, medium or hard. Looks much like a Castle, complete with moats, dungeons, secret passages, temples, and even an open pit mine where they obvious...Date:05/17/94
Size:80.3 KB
Author:Duffy Knox

I started out intending to make this a DeathMatch WAD, but it kept growing on me, until I decided to go all out and just make it as big as I could. It actually was bigger at one time, but I kept getting errors and was unable to save games, so I scale...Date:04/05/06
Size:203.32 KB
Author:Neil Riehle

It is one of my favourite level. It is not easy to beat at UV. Description ? Why are you still reading and not playing? Go ahead and check out yourself. It was designed for Single Player. So do NOT complain if it sucks on Deathmatch. Well I creat...Date:04/24/04
Size:11.95 KB
Author:Ralf Wueltener

Easy WAD to follow, no tricks or hidden items. Everything out in the open. Ammo is limited so use it sparingly....Date:05/04/05
Size:39.36 KB
Author:Rick Kehres

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