Title: Perfected Hatred
Filename: levels/doom/p-r/pagbspd3.zip
Size: 114.56 KB
Date: 08/14/13
Author: Pedro Arturo Gómez Blanco (pagb666)
Description: After playing DTWID, nostalgia grew on me and I felt like building a E4-styled map. It's a mix inspired by E4M2, E4M3, and E4M6. I think I failed at delivering nostalgia, but I hope it's only because I built the map and there's no novelty factor. This is my first map in the last 7 years!

There are enough supplies to get through, just play fine, don't waste ammo and you'll be ok. Secrets are meant to make your life easier and give you extra breathing space.
Credits: Id Software for DooM2 Pascal van der Heiden for Doom Builder
Base: New Levels
Build time: Don't know, a buttload of idle time at my job
Editor(s) used:
Bugs: I think they've been ironed, it you happen to find something, tell me.
Rating: (7 votes)
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Eye del Cul
Very fun map. Pretty, with a dynamic and varied gameplay. A little hard, too.x
good shitx
Really cool!!!x
Lightning Hunter
Great map that follows the format of one of my favorite UD maps. The map is well put together with basic but effective detail and good texture alignment. The start of the map is very challenging due to the lack of ammo, but later on becomes easy when too much ammo arrives. The last few massive battles were fun though. Nice map overall. 4/5x
Not bad at all. Kudos on making a map after 7 years... I'm almost on that train myself. Really need to find the time. Havne't released anything since '07 4/5 -MegaZzZeuxx
Great work.x

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