Title: Pandora's Pox
Filename: levels/doom/p-r/pandora.zip
Size: 82.03 KB
Date: 09/01/06
Author: Geo
Description: I've had it sitting around since October, I figure I'm not doing anything more to it, I may as well post it to the public, or at least make beta testing available here on the New Doom forums. It is for the original Doom, multiple difficulties, death matches and co-ops. Death matches should actually be pretty fun for it, there's a frag fest in the center with a cat and mouse hunt around the arena :-)



A facility built to hold the Demon inside of the Box. There is an arena built to hold the demon inside of the box. Everything is perfectly alright until creatures arrive to unlease the demon within the box. There are power failures which must be dealt with before the player can reach the arena where the box is held. Naturally the player accidentally releases the demon from its container.

With the box open, the player can either try to face what he has released, or run through a subterranian escape route to escape what was inside of the box.


Its a complex around an arena, with Pandora's box in the center. There are power outtages and the player must open doors via control panels (panels not switches). The player unleashes what's in Pandora's box, and to top it off, the player must contend with those guarding Pandora and the two installations. Finally, with Pandora open, the player must find the way out of the arena back into the complex and escape. There are many tricks, traps, interesting things.

Takes me at least 13 minutes to get through and I know where everything is.
Credits: ID Games for making DOOM
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 14 Days
Editor(s) used: DOOM Builder
Bugs: There is one, I'm not sure how to fix it.
Rating: (10 votes)
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for some reason the phrase "bit of tutti-fruitti" made me giggle quite a bit This map feels like a lot of those maps that were on those old DOOM cd-rom wad compilations that you could find in the grocery store. I really miss those!x
While the text file hints that you can play this with the standard DOOM.EXE, just try it: You'll get tons of HOM, a bit of Tutti-Frutti, and even the Medusa Effect out in the arena. With an advanced engine, there's still great deals of HOM, switches you can hit out of sequence, monsters stuck inside each other, textures that need unpegging, and, of course, that yellow door with no key. And the gameplay is nothing great: Easy, often avoidable firefights while you run around looking for switches. 1/5 -VVx
There are neither yelloy key nor necessity in it ;) It's decoration. You need red or blue key to finish map (i don't remember precisely). Blue and red doors are both in the dark corridor with the stair to central yard.x
how did you finish this map? there is no yellow keycard (I opened with db), the teleporter does not work,...! fix this and put more work (details, lighting is good) in this map and it could deserve 3 stars - 0/5x
There are several minor errors (like stucked cacos), but the map is rather good. I disagree that "the design is cramed". May be the level doesn't look very nice, but the geometry doesn't come to stupid set of corridors without any ideas. 4/5x
This disappointed me. It feels just like an old Doom level from 1995 or so; it's technically competent but absolutely no more than that. The design is cramped, and there are some bugs, including two obvious hall of mirror effects. There's a yellow door but no yellow key; there are red and blue keys, but I can't for the life of me remember red or blue key doors. I've just tried making love to the bottom half of an inflatable chair, with some baby oil. It was unsatisfying.x

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