Title: Pandora's Box
Filename: levels/doom/p-r/pandora2.zip
Size: 82.4 KB
Date: 09/20/06
Author: sitebender
Description: I've had it sitting around since October, I figure I'm not doing anything more to it, I may as well post it to the public, or at least make beta testing available here on the New Doom forums. It is for the original Doom, multiple difficulties, death matches and co-ops. Death matches should actually be pretty fun for it, there's a frag fest in the center with a cat and mouse hunt around the arena :-)



A facility built to hold the Demon inside of the Box. There is an arena built to hold the demon inside of the box. Everything is perfectly alright until creatures arrive to unlease the demon within the box. There are power failures which must be dealt with before the player can reach the arena where the box is held. Naturally the player accidentally releases the demon from its container.

With the box open, the player can either try to face what he has released, or run through a subterranian escape route to escape what was inside of the box.


Its a complex around an arena, with Pandora's box in the center. There are power outtages and the player must open doors via control panels (panels not switches). The player unleashes what's in Pandora's box, and to top it off, the player must contend with those guarding Pandora and the two installations. Finally, with Pandora open, the player must find the way out of the arena back into the complex and escape. There are many tricks, traps, interesting things.

Takes me at least 13 minutes to get through and I know where everything is.
Credits: ID Games for making DOOM
Base: New from scratch
Build time: 14 Days
Editor(s) used: DOOM Builder
Bugs: There is one, I'm not sure how to fix it.
Rating: (2 votes)
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not much work was put into this update 2/5x
This is an update of 14570. It still has some major flaws; the control panels switches are a fundamentally bad idea - Jakob Nielsen would turn in his grave, if he was dead - and there's a preponderance of flickering pitch blackness. The opening section is very cramped, with tiny narrow corridors where you face the monsters in a row. It feels like a solid Doom level from 1995. Is Jakob Nielsen still famous? He was huge in 2000-2001 but he seems to have faded from view lately.x

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