Title: petkillr.zip
Filename: levels/doom/p-r/petkillr.zip
Size: 58.81 KB
Date: 05/17/94
Author: Peter Masny Craig Wendland
Description: Difficult pwad. See end of this file.
Base: Rebuild of PET.WAD
Build time: A lot
Editor(s) used: DEU5.0 and DEU5.1. Also BSP1.1 and DMGRAPH1.0
Bugs: NONE
Rating: (3 votes)
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This is a mild remake of pet.wad, which is also in the archive, and is very poor. This version adds some more monsters, gives you the chaingun right away, and takes away the only interesting thing in the original - an odd-looking twisty tunnel - replacing it with a dark maze. Otherwise the gameplay is just as bog-standard as before. Gets off to a bad start with a slog up some stairs, and then there are some lost souls, and it doesn't get any better.x
Good level, classic style, but hard gameplay... :Dx
very nice level. cool stuff. german doom player : reptilex

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