Title: Pipes
Filename: levels/doom/p-r/pipe.zip
Size: 114.52 KB
Date: 11/28/01
Author: Jon Landis
Description: Here is your chance to take a lovely tour of the subterranian sewer system that exists to fulfil all of Hell's waste disposal needs. But what is that coming out of the pipe?! I guess it is time to take out the trash! Mangle the monsters, clean the sewers out, explore horrific ventilation shafts and find the pipe that will bring you back to the surface.

For all of you thrill seekers out there, try ULTRAVIOLENCE... You will have a little trouble getting down the first pipe, but after that it will be smooth sailing, yea right!

A warning to anyone who thinks they are cool and anyone who downloads a wad file, then uses IDDT IDDQD and IDKFA and breezes through the wad. You will be pleasently surprized by this wad file. I put a few IDDT busters in there for all the cheaters of the world to be discouraged with.

Be warned. I am a crafty bastard. This Wad file is a bitch and there are many chances to die, so die and have fun doing so. There is a demo included It is the SECOND demo, so wait for it.

For all you network jocks out there...

This level was designed for CO-OP play. Deathmatch starts have been inserted, but Deathmatch sucks with this level. There is a great possibility that one or more players will get stuck someplace. And a greater possibility that any player will never see any of the other players. Go CO-OP for this one.
Credits: ID software (for such a kick-ass game!!!) Raphael Quinet and Brendom J. Wyber for DEU 5.21 (One word, quality) Colin Redd for BSP 1.2 (A Troubleshooting lifesaver)
Base: New level from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.21, BSP 1.2
Bugs: The room with three pipes has a slight node error that BSP couldn't handle. In each of the rooms with two pipes, you can see the Cacodemons as they are rising through slight nodes errors. In the rooms where you have to shoot the Skull buttons, there may be a slight nodes error, but that is not definate. In the last room you can walk on the toxic waste and get to a spot where the entire screen turns green. That is pretty cool, but an error! Some monsters regain their hearing. The lift near the end gets you stuck sometimes because the monsters set it off. The music sometimes just cuts out. The demo does not complete the level. (It was such a pain in the ass to make that damn thing!!!!)

*** This may look like a big bunch of errors, but this level is still quality. You won't even notice! ***
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It's meant to be hard and disorientating, and it succeeds. While you may find the map overdoes these qualities, before dismissing it as silly or impossible, consider that N_A has done this map on Nightmare skill. Consider too that the map was designed for vanilla behaviour; if you are playing it with z-clipping or other port features that make major differences, you may not be experiencing it as intended, or even making it genuinely unplayable.x
Fighting several Cacodemons with practically no maneuvering room and just a pistol is plain bad design. Even if you avoid the Cacodemons, the "pipes" are so thin that just dropping down them is very hard. Some pipes/teleports lead to dead-ends that kill you. Map is also extremely repetitive: Cacodemons in cramped room, drop down pipe, hit switches, go through dark tunnel, find secret door, repeat. Overall: Practically unfinishable. AVOID! 0/5 -VVx
Very tough and some areas are pretty confining, leaving you little strafing room from fireballs. Despite not completing this map, I would give this a 3.5-4 out of 5. -Mr. Chrisx
This level redefines the terms "doom" and "desolation". The quintessential DOOM experience. - N_Ax
Hellish! Very well designed, but simply too hard for me. You like to die often? You're welcome! Landis warned us: "This Wad file is a bitch and there are many chances to die, so die and have fun doing so."...2 stars - Jivex

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