Title: The Rock Pit
Filename: levels/doom/p-r/pitwell.zip
Size: 56.38 KB
Date: 02/22/97
Author: William Drummond
Description: You have to leave the space lock and find your way to the next for pick up. Along the way are spaced mariens and monsters to chill the blood.

You will want to find the secrets to finish the level
Base: New level from scratch
Build time: A week, on and off
Editor(s) used: DMapEdit v4.0.14 (beta) - A map editor for Doom! by Copyright (C) 1994 Jason Hoffoss
Bugs: Haven't fonund them yet
Rating: (3 votes)
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Garbage, only starting point and the actual rock pit were good, the rest is shit, there's no red key too. Keep out.x
Reasonably good level from 10 years ago. The age shows in the misaligned textures and simple architecture, but I thought the gameplay was nice and fun, although it was very straightforward. The environments were fairly well put together. All in all, it was a bit lacking in challenge, but good otherwise. 3/5x

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