Filename: levels/doom/p-r/pleasure.zip
Size: 74.22 KB
Date: 05/10/94
Author: Shawn Holmstead
Description: Welcome to the Pleasure Dome! This is where all of the posessed soldiers and sargents come to watch those marines die who will not succumb to posession by the demons infesting the world. This level is like the Roman Coloseums of old, except that you are the poor slob about to be fed to the beasts. They do give you a shotgun to try to duke it out with, but they don't expect you to last long. They just hope that your death will be entertaining.
Credits: Tim Schmanski and Ron McClellan for playtesting.
Base: New Level
Build time: Far too much...around 50+ hours
Editor(s) used: DEU v5.0, v5.1 and BSP v1.0, v1.1x
Bugs: The dreaded HOM shows up occasionally in the arena when there are lots of monsters roaming around. I've removed as many of the 2-sided linedefs as I can without getting rid of the stands, but the HOM still shows up in the sky. It is not very distracting, and only shows up in 1 or 2 spots.
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Whenever I downvote 1994 wads, I feel like I'm picking on a retarded kid.. Anyway, this map is decent for it's time. Shrink the whole thing down by 50%, add some more texture variation and enemies, and it would still get a solid grade today. To me, this deserves a decent score for it's age.x
The map certainly looks good with a lot of attention to detail for 1994. However you there is no point in fighting the monsters meaning you can just run away from the monsters. Then grab all 3 keys that are very easy to find just run to the locked doors and exit. Maybe this would be better in deathmatch, however even if that is so it is probably not going to be one of your opponent's firm favourites. An ok-ish map from 1994 but certainly is not great 2/5.x
A very early 1994 wad, one of the first hundred entries in the database, and the only wad ever to be named after the works of Frankie Goes to Hollywood. It's surprisingly large and well-made for something this old, although it's basically a very large oval arena (plus stand, concessions area) with just under a hundred assorted monsters. It has secrets and supports difficulty levels. Two stars for age, ambition, and for not having ridiculous and awful errors.x
Yah, a 1994 wad, however at least this one is not complete crap. Some good battles and an allright map layout help make this wad better than quite a few 1994 wads out there. Having said that its still certainly not a good level so 2/5 from me.x

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