Title: Portal To Hell
Filename: levels/doom/p-r/portal.zip
Size: 33.98 KB
Date: 10/02/06
Author: Christian Mueller
Description: You are in a secret station on earth, cause a portal to hell was opened by scientists. As a result of that, Demons are planing an invasion. Your Mission: destroy the Base. For that you must find the Exit but before, you have to go through hell !!! You may have one Problem: Your whole crew was killed, so you have to fight alone !
Credits: The creators of Doom 2 and myself !
Base: ?
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Edmap
Rating: (7 votes)
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LOL! First I wondered how I could ever find these 1994er beautiful, looks like my own first stuff. But later on I kinda liked it. Really. The oldshool feeling. But if you're not nostalgic it'll be a more a how not to do trip. Texturing, monster placement (30 cybies in 1 room, partially stuck in each other) and so on. Anyway I still had my fun with it and blasting the >1000 demons.x
While I am the type of person who enjoys playing this kind of map, at least Das Labor was pretty well designed. This one's just extremely average. 2/5x
Its kinda funny, 1017 monsters of all types. This is a lod of crap that almost made me wet my pants. Obviously the author is very young, pehaps early teens and he has to realise that most of the dudes here take wads very seriously, even if its a crappy first wad. Just use IDDQD and IDKFA and start firing the BFG9000 when you play this level. Starless. -PCx
uuhh 0/5x
It's another one of those novelty slaughter maps, along the lines of Das Labor from a week or so ago. Does this have high gamefun? No, it's a crudely- designed level that looks like something from 1994, except that it has slightly over a thousand monsters that attack you in great clumps. There's loads of ammo but the level is tedious to play. There are no design tricks except for a surprise fall into darkness. I don't know why the author thanks the creators of Doom 2, this is E1M1 for Doom 1.x

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