Filename: levels/doom/p-r/princtn1.zip
Size: 79.42 KB
Date: 05/18/94
Author: Michael Reilly
Description: This level was built using the actual floorplans of part of Wilson College, a dorm complex at Princeton University. The design features two large courtyards along with many of the dark hallways found in the buildings here. The dining hall is a particularly unpleasant area (both in this wad file and in reality.) For those familiar with Princeton, the buildings included are Clapp Hall, 1938 Hall, and Wilcox Hall.
Credits: :John Nied and Jonathan Karpick for beta testing, Charles Brodhead and Eric Stern for the sounds, and many others too numerous to name for advice on wall textures, monster placement, etc.
Base: :New Level
Build time: :Approximately forty hours
Editor(s) used: :DEU v5.0 and BSP v1.0
Bugs: :None known, although some certainly must exist.
Rating: (2 votes)
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I love that joke with difficulty settings! :D I started on UV but, it was a bit too hard for me... so I tried HMP and Baron of hell to kill on very begining. I ran behind a corner and I realised that difficulty levels are only a joke. It is playable only in UV. Map is ugly, battles are very intense. 2/5 x
This is a typical college-style level from May 1995, complete with some sounds that the author has recorded himself (saved as separate .wav files though). It has lots of pokey little rooms. In its favour there's a lot of action squeezed into a small space, and the backwards difficulty level made me smile (UV is normal, HMP is ultra-hard). And it has light-sourcing and traps! So it gets a star.x

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