Title: PTDOOM (PWAD-version)
Filename: levels/doom/p-r/ptdoomp.zip
Size: 1.03 MB
Date: 03/03/06
Author: Phillip T. Wheeler a.k.a. phillip wheeler a.k.a. phillipt a.k.a. freddret on irc
Description: This modular add-on replaces two episodes and five enemies. The episodes and also each new enemy is stored in a separate PWAD. The new second and third episode is stored in: --> PTWRATH.WAD (levels) + e2m9fix.wad, a bugfixed version of E2M9 A big floating white head (former Cacodemon). --> cocohead.wad (graphics) An insect alien thing (former pink Demon / Spectre). --> ptaliens.wad (graphics and sounds) A flying green insect alien thing (former Baron of Hell). --> flybaron.wad (graphics), flybaron.deh (behaviour) Gory marines: They look like you but uglier. (former 'Former Human') --> possguy.wad (graphics) (former 'Former Human Sergeant') --> sposguy.wad (graphics)
Base: New from scratch E3M8 is a bigger version of Wheelers earlier CITYLIFE.WAD. The author has also anonymously released a series of separate WADs, called PLANET**.WAD's, that became later the Episode 2 of PTWRATH.WAD: PTWRATH.WAD E2M7 --> PLANET-A.WAD E1M1 / PLANET_A.WAD E2M7 PTWRATH.WAD E2M3 --> PLANET-B.WAD E2M3 PTWRATH.WAD E2M4 --> PLANET-C.WAD E2M4 PTWRATH.WAD E2M9 --> PLANET-D.WAD E2M9 PTWRATH.WAD E2M6 --> PLANET-E.WAD E2M6 PTWRATH.WAD E2M5 --> PLANET-F.WAD E2M5 PTWRATH.WAD E2M1 --> PLANET-G.WAD E1M1 PTWRATH.WAD E2M8 --> PLANET-H.WAD E2M8 PTWRATH.WAD E2M2 --> PLANET-I.WAD E2M2
Build time:
Editor(s) used: deutex and xwe for pwadisation.
Bugs: [Note by the uploader:] I found some HOM effects in E2M9 and was able to fix this by using the automatic fixing features of Codeimps DooMBuilder. The result is stored in e2m9fix.wad and used by the batch-files.
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For late 1994 these maps are frankly incredible, compared to most of the crap that was being churned out then (they even have an early form of transparent deep water) However the monster placement and balance is nonexistent, for intsnance E2M1 expects you to battle hordes of imps and two (flying and fast) barons with a pistol and 12 shells.x
For some odd reason I find these ridiculously unbalanced maps to be lots of fun. 4/5 - Belialx
cocohead=skary. x

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