Title: Quake dOOm v1.0
Filename: levels/doom/p-r/qudoom.zip
Size: 10.91 KB
Date: 12/18/97
Author: David Sanftenberg
Description: This is mainly a Deathmatch WAD, but some single-player support has been added, too. COMPLETELY NEW! Not at all like my pervious WADs, which were modifacations on id's levels. This is COMPLETELY NEW! I reccomend that you use this for Deathmatch, but you can test it out on single. This is an attempted port of id's Quake level, E1M1. Just the layout was copied, however. And even not that completely. New lifts, and extra areas abound. Not ported using any external programs.
Credits: The makers of DEU 5.1, who, even though the node builder screwed up sometimes, completely destroying up to 2 hours of work at a time (that got me really steamed), managed to create a decent editor. And to the makers of DOOM, for making the game in the first place.
Base: New level from scratch (COMPLETELY NEW!)
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU 5.1
Bugs: Some of the displays are a little out of whack, jumping sometimes. I need to run it through a decent node builder when I get the time. By the way, the missing wall texture in the small room by the acid is NOT a bug. It was done on purpose.
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This is really bad, even as a stand alone level. Exit switch doesn't even work either. 0/5x
"Blast from the past? More like blast from my ass." - A quote so worthy I used it as my Facebook status. This wad brought Doom into the communication age! I'm still giving it fuck all though.x
If I wanted Quake, I'd play Quake, not a Doom wad about Quake.x
Blast from the past? More like blast from my ass.x
Heh, nice. I drew this WAD up when I was 14. Yes, it's awful, but what a blast from the past.x
Poor. It has the basic layout of Quake's first level, but it's like a child's drawing in comparison. Whatever effect the author was trying to achieve by missing out wall textures is lost on me. I have seen several Doom levels that are based on Quake levels, and some of them are extremely impressive. But this is beneath the bottom of the barrel.x
who was the uploader of this...??? It should remain in the dustbin, not here!x

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