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Date: 05/26/05
Author: Thomas Austin III Chapel Hill
Description: Story so far:

You have just completed the last mission of episode 1 and killed the Barons of Hell. You make your way out of the bloody battle field to a locked central control center. After running a sercurity bypass you find a surplus of food and medical supplies. While sowing two of your fingers back on, you here a general distress call (G.D.C.) alarm from a con panel. You track its location to a small wharehouse 3 kilometers southwest of of your position. The transmittion is weak and broken up but you make out what it says... "MAYDAY...MAYDAY...MAYDAY...MARS MARINES DELTA SQUAD*&^%^ IN SECTO#$%#$( ... REQUEST EMERG*&^^*$@ AND RESCUE! OVER!" Thank God! You're not alone! Quickly you put on a headset and reply finding out there status and get a update on the aliens. It seems that they are planning another big party and the wharehouse is being setup as another gateway to their world! They have just started so they are not as dugin as others. These marines were captured to be sacrificed to the Lords of the under world for forgiveness for failing their mission ... oh yea and being kicked in the ass by you!!! You learn that only a hand full of troops are left and time is of the essence. You must find you buddies before you and your johnson are the only to normal people left on the planet! You send a planetary distress call and warning message to aproach planet with caution... You pick up what amo you have left and start again but this time with a glimer of hope.


I made this game to introduct a new way of thinking about mutliplayer games. They should not just start together but have that 'Rambo III' fill so that you just aren't clearing levels together but achieving an interactive goal that is set before you. This game is designed for four players... tried with two... seems to work!
Credits: Thanks to the guys at ID Software for giving us such an increadable game, yes I'm talking about DOOM the game of all games.
Base: New from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: I've just started programing my own missions and used the windows DOOMED editor I found on the ID Software BBS. I tried several different editors and this one is the most straight forward.
Bugs: Since it is a beta version you really complain to much about the bugs in it. Since I am not an artist I had trouble with the walls and textures... please don't be to hard on me for that! Just play the game and see how ya like it.
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This is dated September 1994. From the readme I think it was supposed to be a two-player cooperative level. The gameplay involves easily slaughtering 102 mostly weak monsters in a series of undetailed squarish rooms. The final battle is actually decent (if you do it Tyson-style with the berzerk pack), but in general you have far too much ammo and too many power-ups, and the baddies tend not to notice you unless you hit them first.x

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